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Rebecca Black – WTH?? “APAKAH???” video of the day

Since today is FRIDAY, let’s have a listen to Rebecca Black’s oh-so-famous single called, FRIDAY.

If you think Paris Hilton can’t sing, well, this girl just makes Paris sound like Celine Dion.

While watching this, my brain went numb for awhile due to the overwhelming penyet ┬árepetitions of “FRIDEYFRIDEYFRIDEY”.

Somebody bring me back Justin Bieber. Don’t worry Selena Gomez, this nasal-head-bopper-who-is-memorizing-days-of-the-week is no threat. Unless her haters turn into fans, then you’re in trouble.

Her YouTube views has almost hit 11 MILLION.

God help the music industry.

Daphne Iking Revert to Islam! :D

ALHAMDULILLAH! Such wonderful news I read today! It’s a fantastic Friday indeed!

Daphne Iking has married a Muslim businessman by the name of Azmi, and her name is now Dahlia Eleanor Iking. ­čÖé

May Allah bless her with a better life ahead, and may she be able to put all her controversies behind her.

News below courtesy of OhBulan!

Sah, Daphne Iking Sudah Peluk Islam & Berkahwin!

Dikemaskini oleh M pada February 24th, 2011

Hampir seminggu ura-ura Daphne Iking memeluk Islam sudah menjadi buat mulut orang ramai, terutamanya di kalangan followers kami. Hari ini, kami menerima berita yang mengesahkan status agama & status perkahwinan Daphne Iking, atau nama barunya Dahlia Eleanor Iking.

Menurut, semalam dia berkesempatan menemui Daphne Iking di Actor Art Studio bertempat di Lot 10 sempena pementasan teater. Kehadiran Daphne Iking bersama seorang jejaka Melayu yang hensem menimbulkan pelbagai persoalan.

Kesempatan ini diambil oleh KakIna untuk bertanya mengenai status agama Daphne Iking.

Daphne Iking mengakui bahawa dia sudah memeluk Islam & kini memegang status sebagai seorang isteri. Dalam senyap, sebenarnya Daphne Iking sudah pun melangsungkan pernikahannya bersama seorang jejaka Melayu sekitar awal tahun ini. Kalau diikutkan, ini merupakan perkahwinan kali kedua Daphne Iking.

Sumber kami yang lain ada memaklumkan bahawa suami kepada Daphne Iking bernama Azmi, atau lebih dikenali sebagai Joe. Azmi merupakan bekas Managing Director untuk Redberry Group.

Selama ini, kehadiran mereka berdua dalam mana-mana acara dilihat sebagai pasangan kekasih, rupa-rupanya sudah pun menjadi suami isteri. Kami ucapkan tahniah kepada Daphne Iking, semoga dia tabah menjadi saudara baru Islam, dan seorang isteri yang baik buat Azmi. Doakan yang terbaik buat mereka berdua!

An Interview with MJ’s Kids : Micheal Jackson as a father

One of the Doodlers posted this video on her blog, and I wanted to share it with the rest of you Doodlers too.

Watch the video ­čÖé

Such lovely children.. don’t you think? No matter what the world said about the late MJ, it is obvious that he was a great and capable father and he raised his children well. Push aside his eccentricity and other quirks, he’s just a fun and loving father. Beachside strolls, late night snickers, and home-made breakfast, it’s those little memories that mean the world to these kids. Something they will remember till the day they die.

Paris, intelligent girl, she’s got a bright future ahead. She can definitely go far in whatever she chooses to do.

There’s a lot that we can take with us from this video.

One is that we can only control our children so much, but in the end, it’s upbringing and education that will determine how they turn out. We can just pray and hope that when we are gone, they will continue to be the beautiful, well-behaved and charming children we raise them to be.

Two is that it’s the little things that count. It’s not the trips around the world or the numerous mega toys that they remember you by. It’s the precious quality time that you set aside for them, the times when you make them feel that they were special, and that they were the most important person in the world, those are the moments that your kids will treasure. Moments that they will remember, for the rest of their lives.

Prince Micheal loves his morning walks by the beach with his dad.. eating skittles and drinking colas.

Paris’ most favourite memory is of them watching the city lights, just the two of them, eating snickers.

So who are we, who are they (the media and others) to say that he was a wacko dad? In the eyes of his children, he was the greatest dad ever, and that’s what matters most.

No matter how busy you might be, take time out to just have fun with your kids, no matter how young they are. It can even be as simple as catching grasshoppers in the garden. At the end of the day, that will be the priceless memory that they will treasure forever.