Yesterday evening, as I was doing a bit of work on my laptop, my husband arrives home. Seeing me occupied, he asks, “Kerja you tak boleh buat during working hours ke?” After I mumbled about interruptions that I get during the day, he replied “Can’t you do work somewhere yang diorang tak kacau?” Daku ketawa kecil. heh.heh.heh.heh.heh.heh.heh.Read More

How To Make Easy No Cook Play Dough

Hello everyone! We’re back with a new “how-to” video and this time, Chempedak and Pomelo are making play dough! Yeappp, play dough is a favourite among the kiddos and it’s even more enjoyable when they make it themselves. It’s a completely safe keep-the-kids-busy-while-mommy-sleeps activity. Don’t judge a pregnant lady 😛 Anyway, I used to makeRead More

How To Make Slime

We finally did it!! Success on the third attempt! Forget the Borax (which is not cheap mind you), here’s a much simpler recipe as shared by our friends and it turned out great! Check out the short video by Chempedak and Pomelo on how to make your own slime! For those who can’t view theRead More

Children’s Playroom at Coway TTDI

This post is especially for the lovely moms (and dads) who enquired about the items I put up in the Coway CSTeamTTDI playroom. Hope this helps with your own home’s interior planning! At the beginning of Ramadhan, my Coway team (part of the nationwide top performing CSTeam) was branched out to a new location, TTDI. Since itRead More

Chempedak, Pomelo and Dotdotdot

Helluuuuuu! Yes, thaaat’s right! Alhamdulillah, all praises be to Allah, and God willing in some months time Chemps and Pomelo will be getting a sibling! Much awaited by Chemps who had been asking for a sibling for about two years now, ahahahah Overjoyed, completely overjoyed and thankful. That’s how our little family feels. But ofRead More