It’s a Cloudy-Dough Day

On Saturday, I had planned to have a little baking episode with my sister and the Chemps. See, I bought this Annabel Karmel book and had high ambitions to let my kid make something for herself.

I didn’t go to pick up any groceries yet, as I wanted to check out what was available at home first. I should have known that pretty much everything had expired, I mean, the last time I baked was… uhm… was… I can’t remember. Yes, it’s been that long.

Anyway, I picked up my two half-bags of flour and just a rough look through the plastic confirms that it’s completely gone, can’t be used, wasted. I looked around for a piece of paper to start my grocery list but just the thought of grocery shopping got me tired.

I sat staring at the kitchen wall for a bit, then at the kitchen counter top where the two half-bags of flour was threatening to jump from. A better idea dawned upon me. I decided to not let the bags of flour go to waste, but let Chemps have a big of dough fun. I postponed the baking idea, yelled at my sister (who was frantically trying to get Big Bang concert tickets online) that we’re going play with flour instead and called out to Chemps to join me in the garden.

That morning, instead of making cookie dough, we made CLOUD DOUGH 😀

What’s Cloud Dough you ask? Well, if you’re having a hard time looking for play sand, this is another fun alternative. It’s even safe for young ones because it’s edible (kind of).

All you need is 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of cooking oil (alternatively you can use baby oil, but cooking oil is safer in case your little one decides to try it out for taste).

First, pour the 8 cups of flour into a basin or plastic container or in my case, I just dumped them onto a large plastic serving tray.

Try to have your flour into a little mountain assemble.

Next, make a little crater at the top and  pour the cup of cooking oil in the middle of your flour mountain.

Look! A volcano spurting lava!! Heheheh…

Now comes the cool messy part, together with your kid, use your bare hands to mix the dough and oil together. Mix ‘em reeeeeaaal good! Mash it, squish it and squeeeeze it and just go mad with the mixing.

Once that’s done, voila! You have your cloud dough!

It’s texture is still rather floury but the best part is, it sticks when you press it together! Kind of like sand by the beach mixed with the right amount of water 😀

Ooohh Chemps had so much playing with cloud dough, it kept her occupied for a good couple of hours.

Even my sister joined in the fun!

It can get really messy so if you’re going to give this a try, I highly recommend that you let your kid have fun at a place that’s easy to clean up.

Hopefully, my plans to bake will be realized this coming weekend instead, heheheh 😀


  1. hi there 🙂

    i’m here for a return visit! hehe.. this activity surely will be fun for the kids, although mommy would freak out haha.. will try this too when I got the courage to clean the aftermath! haha

    1. Hellooww! 😀 actually clean up isnt so bad (trust me, im one of those who hate cleaning up more than anyone!). U just need a broom if not, a vacuum cleaner will work too 😀 it’s not sticky, just like flour 🙂

  2. SUPERFUN!!!! am gonna do this with my daughter this very weekend!! hehe thanks for the idea 🙂 she has been pestering me to go to the beach and this would be a lovely substitute!!!

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