Europe Day 4 – Lancaster

Our next stop was Lancaster. We stayed at Lancaster M6 Travelodge which was about 15 minutes away from my sister’s university.

Lancaster M6 Travelodge

It has a picnic table outside which Chempedak fancies!
Ok, actually she was going for the packet of chocolates on the table

We were a bit early for the check-in so we drove around town for a bit and stopped by the Lancaster Castle for a spot of sight-seeing.

Sight-seeing on a cold and rainy Lancs day

Lancaster Castle

The next day was an exciting day indeed! Everyone was up real early and busied about getting ready for the graduation ceremony.

Chempedak donned a pretty red dress that my sister got her from Monsoon. I put on a simple velvet black Zara dress but spiced up my look with a lovely fascinator I bought especially for the occasion! Syiok woo, bila lagi dapat pakai fascinator kan!

What’s that on your head, Mommy?

We got to the campus early and headed straight for the prep hall so my sister could get her robe and complete the necessary forms. I accompanied my sister while the rest of the family hung around outside the hall. It was drizzling slightly but that didn’t hinder the chirpy crowd of graduates that was filling the hall.

Rain? What rain? I don’t feel any rain?

After we got her robe and mortarboard (or trenchers as the Brits call them), we queued up for the professional photography session. The queue was soooo long. It felt like were in queue forever.

In queue with the graduate!

The Chempedak on the other hand, found a way to entertain herself. My dad gave her the camera, and she busied herself by perfecting the art of photography. Surprisingly, she actually takes good photos! Rest assured that throughout the rest of the entire trip, she insists on having a camera to take pictures with so she ends up hijacking either my dad’s or my sister’s camera.

Oh hello! I have a camera too!

Smile, Mommy!

Jadi tak gambar tadi…

After finally getting our pictures taken professionally, we went straight to the convocation hall and took our seats.

Huu…ramainye orang…

Let’s see now, what do we have here…

Unfortunately, the Chempedak golek was already hungry and cranky, so she started to fuss a lot. The husband and I decided that we’ll watch the convocation outside the hall instead; otherwise we might risk having a crying baby in the middle of the ceremony.

Thankfully, there were sofas propped around a television which was streaming the graduation ceremony, so we didn’t miss a single thing. The husband managed to find Alisha food and after she filled her tummy, she fell asleep.

uhm, that kid.. looks..funny..

After the hall event, the graduates filed out and took photos outside. Thank God for good weather! It was blue skies and sunshine all around, which was perfect for picture-taking!

Congratulations Tia!!

Wuu!! Tok Pa!! Look!! PIGEONS!!!

Oh, my cousin (who stays in Manchester) and his family also came by for the graduation! So sweet! After the entire ceremony was over, we drove to this Pakistani restaurant called Imrans. Their food was pretty ok, not exactly the best but when the weather’s cold and you’re hungry, it would probably taste like the best Pakistani food you’ve ever had.

Heading back to our hotel after a great meal, we passed by a herd of cows grazing about on a farm. We stopped by the roadside to show the Chempedak real life cows but they were quite a distance from the fence where we were parked. So I took a chance and gave a loud moo. Surprisingly, the cows actually turned our way. In fact, some of them even mooed back! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! I mooed again and once more, they replied and the entire herd started walking towards us! My sister told me to hush as the herd of cows crowded the fence. Alisha was thrilled of course and the husband, well, he’s convinced I can speak to animals.

Hey you guys, come here, this girl speaks moo!

Whooo…are youuuu…

We retired early that night, and packed our bags for the next day we were to catch an early train to Bath!

 Off to Bath! Yay!

* * * * * * * * * *

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