Chempedak the “Big Girl”

Last two weeks, the three of us were out strolling at the mall, looking for some random stuff. We passed by the children’s area and several school bags caught my eye. I decided to get Alisha a roller bag. Let me tell you why.

Alisha hangs out with the big girls at school. She prefers the 4 and 5 year olds more than being with her toddler friends. According to her teacher, the babies bore her. LOL! She loves being with the big kids and would join in their chats and laughter. The best thing is, the elder kids love her too. They include her in all their activities and when she wants to tell her story, they actually listen even if she was just talking gibberish. Cute right?

One day, as we were all ready for school, Alisha insisted on carrying her own bag. This was one of those simple shoulder bags I use to stuff all her nursery essentials like diapers, clothes, towels etc. Obviously, it was too heavy for her to carry, so she just dragged it behind her. This “I-will-carry-my-own-bag” behavior went on throughout the entire week.
Then, I noticed something else. Every time I picked her up from school, she’d be eyeing the bags of the elders as they pull along their roller bags with them and wave her goodbye. So that was when I thought perhaps it was a good time to get her a roller bag of her own.Unfortunately, when I voiced out the idea to the husband, he disagreed. He thought that his little Chempedak was still a baby and wouldn’t be able to grasp the concept of pulling her own bag. “She’s still too young,” he said.So, I left the idea for a while.However, seeing the cute little roller bags lined up on the shelves at the mall, I decided to give the idea another push. I looked around at several designs and picked up the smallest in size. It was an adorable Strawberry Shortcake roller bag. I was soooo excited!!I showed it to the husband and again was met with his thoughts that she wouldn’t know how to handle the bag. “She’s too young lah”.
So, I took a chance. I said “You watch”.I called to Alisha who has happily browsing the toy aisles and showed her the bag. I pulled out the long handle and immediately she jigged with excitement.She gave a loud “Yaaaayyy!!” took the handle and off she went pulling her big-girl school bag like a pro. It was second nature to her. Her daddy stood staring mouth open.
A roller-bag!! Yaaaayyy!!!
For the next few minutes to come, she walked around the entire toys department with her roller bag. We gave her another option, a Dora-themed roller bag. She took it for a short spin, came back and gave it back to her Daddy. Took her Strawberry Shortcake bag and was off again. She has made her choice.Needless to say, Alisha is now a proud owner of a big-girl school bag.
A very happy Chempedak
So happy was she that the night we purchased the bag she even wanted to sleep with it! She pushed it onto the bed and made us put it into the cot with her! Funny little Chempedak. It took us quite a while to convince her that no one was going to take the bag away from her and that she will get to play with it again the next day.
Okay bag, you’re coming with me, onto the bed we go!
No papparazzi!
First day she brought it to school, she proudly showed it to all her teachers, and even brought it to the breakfast area to show her friends.
Bye Mommy!! I’m off to school now!

Sigh… my baby’s all grown up…she turned 20 months two days after we bought her bag.
Alisha baby, consider it your “turning 20 months young” present from Mommy and Daddy! We love you so much! *hugs*


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