Alisha, Mbam and Dolly

If you think that an 18 month old is too young for dolls, then you’d be mighty surprised by my little Chempedak.

Last December, my mother in law came back from Singapore with an adorable little doll for Alisha. We thought she’d just stare and jab at it. Boy were we wrong. She took on the little doll, who we named Dolly, like a pro! She feeds her with her little pretend milk bottle, cuddles her and even pats her to sleep!

She doesn’t quite like Dolly’s outfit, so she keeps pulling off the poor thing’s clothes and the other day asked me to put diapers on her doll. Not wanting to waste any of her diapers (mahal hokeh diapers), I tied on a makeshift cloth-diaper instead. Kept her happy enough 😉

The other day, we were hanging around the room and Alisha was playing on the bed with Dolly, and she also hijacked one of my sister’s stuffed toys called Mbam. She proceeded to introduce Dolly to Mbam and then she was happy that they’ve officially met.

Later, I told her to pose nicely as I wanted to take a picture of her with the two toys. Little did she know that I was recording her antics instead *grin*

Don’t you just feel like squuuueeezing all three of them? 😀

Dolly giving Alisha a kiss on the cheek as Mbam looks on, awww…


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