Here kitty kitty!

Alisha loves animals, a lot a lot a lot!! Everytime a bird flies by, she’ll happily shout out “Berd!!” and give the bird a little wave. Fish is another frequent word as we have a fish pond at home and of course, there’s the all time favourite pet, CAT.
She just loooooves running her tiny little fingers through their fur and if any cat was brave enough, she’d just give them a little squeeze and try to plant kisses on their head. My two kitties, Lady & Romeo, have yet to warm up to the idea of letting Alisha get too close. Especially Romeo, he’d just bolt away the moment Alisha runs up to him. Lady is usually torn between her longing for my hugs and her fear of the Chempedak. Nowadays, Lady misses me too much so she just lets Alisha pat her as long as she could sit on my lap.
The other day, we took her to a friend’s house and they had a docile pet cat who wasn’t the least bit bothered by Alisha’s presence.
The Chempedak was thrilled! She patted him, called out to him and even asked him to pose for the camera 😀 Check out the video of Alisha and the white kitty cat!

She even wanted to share a treat with the kitty, such a generous little baby.. hehehe.. in her own way lah *grin*

Can I give him my Hero cake?


  1. Your little girl’s wonderful!
    Anak I takut kucing.. hehe.. hope that will not last long..

    anywaaayyyy.. I am seeing the Hiro Cake. Can i ask you where to get that? it’s so my childhood favourite! 🙂

    1. hahaha, I know! Hiro cake was the in-thing during primary school days, wasn’t it!
      This was actually at a friend’s house so I have no idea where they got it from but perhaps you might have some luck at Giant?

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