Gotong-royong at the court

A couple of weekends ago, the Chempedak and I went to the husband’s office to help out with the court’s gotong-royong stint. We didn’t really do much but it gave the husband a chance to show his family his office. We’ve never been to his new office you see, so we were quite excited 😀

We met some of his colleagues and some bosses, a real friendly lot 🙂 Alisha waved and smiled happily at an unseen entity (Alishaaaa!! Apakaaahhh!!) and then I helped sort out the husband’s room which was overflowing with files.

Err.. they were supposed to be moving files
We gave Alisha a bowl of cereal and that kept her happy and quiet for about ten minutes, then she decided to help decorate her Daddy’s office. She sprinkled corn flakes on the carpet around her and was overjoyed to hear the crackling sounds they made when she stomped them with her little shoes.

Sangatlah horror, so much for gotong-royong. In the end the husband had to seek assistance from the makcik cleaner to vacuum his room on Monday morning, hehehhe…


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