My famous other half

Some years ago, before he immersed himself into the professional legal world, the husband was actively involved in the business of… well.. being famous. LOL!

Ok, ok let me start over. Some years ago, my husband got his kicks by becoming talents on commercials. Pretty soon, he landed one of his biggest jobs which was to host the Islamic teen programme called Hijrah Remaja. It was a rather interesting show, where teens shared and discussed their opinions on Islamic related issues in a very casual and laid back manner. His co-host was Waheeda and of course, since an actual celebrity was involved, the media got interested.

One of the local entertainment magazines did an interview with the husband and Waheeda, and while most of the write-up focused on Waheeda’s love life, it did a little segment on my husband as well. When the article was published, his friends and I found the photos accompanying the full page write up highly amusing 😀

Especially this particular one! Hahhahhaaha!!

Apakah pose iteeewwww???

BUT! As I was admiring one of Adam Lambert’s music videos, was I ever so surprised to see this!

Chayalahh yang!! Adam Lambert pun buat pose telinga cam you gak!!

You memang HAWT! 😀


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