Alisha and the other Als

Alisha and her cousins!
Missing from the picture is baby Rumaysa, 
who at this time, was still in her mom’s tummy 😀

Funny title eh? Heheheh.. I’m actually referring to my darling nephews and nieces, the other Alhabshis and Alsagoffs.

Ever since she was a baby, Alisha loves hanging out with her cousins. Though they’re years older than her, she thinks she totally belongs with their age group and it’s so great to see that they consider her part of the gang as well 🙂

School holidays are the best since the kids usually sleep over at my MIL’s and Alisha gets to play with them every day. Whenever I come back from work, they’d be ready to greet Alisha at the door! LOL!

The other day, as I pulled into the driveway, they ran out towards us and the moment the car stopped they rushed to open Alisha’s door. My little girl, whom already heard the voices of her cousins, faked surprise when they opened her door.

She went “Eh!!” complete with surprise look and held her hands up, konon-konon terkejut diorang ramai-ramai ada kat situ. Sabar je lah kan?

I just love seeing them all play together hence the toys that I get for my MIL’s house is usually catered to suit all of them. For example, I got Alisha a play kitchen, bought a chef hat (with matching bib) and added on pretend cooking and dining utensils, a pretend cake with candles and decoratives, and even a tea trolley. With all this, everyone gets a role to play and they can all have an awesome time pretending that they’re operating a restaurant or something like that.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Alisha and her cousins 🙂

Alisha and Abang Hussein

Chillin’ in front of the telly with Abang Omar
With her idol, Kak Wa
By far, my all time favourite picture 🙂
Hussein (as the tag says, hehehe), Alisha and Shafiq


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