One thosai morning

Last weekend, we took the little Chempedak out for the good ol’ breakfast at the mamak’s. She’s tried roti canai before and seemed to like it. This time, I gave her thosai and boy did she love it!

She jigged about in her baby-chair, laughed and smiled a whole lot as she stuffed her face with bits of thosai that I had torn into tiny pieces for her ease of consumption.

Even the mamak noticed that she was totally enjoying her thosai. He stopped by our table every now and then to ask Alisha how she was enjoying her food, which was met with happy nods of approval from my little girl, hahahah!

What’s this Daddy? Thosai?
Okay.. let’s see how this works…

Tear apart a little piece…

Nomm nom nom nom nom!
Towards the end of breakfast, I had finished my thosai and since she had some left on her plate, Alisha decided to give me some 🙂

Baby, you’re such a doll, Mommy loves you so much!!


  1. oohh.. my favourite thosai is Masala Rawa thosai, should try it u guys, kenyang sampai petang ok!
    Pandainye alisha suap mommy.. good girl..

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