A Sporty Bridal Shower

After reading my previous post on the Nike run, some of you might be wondering what made me want to join a 10KM run when I hardly ever work out. Let. Me. Tell. You. Why. Hhahahah…

See, one of my girlfriends is getting married and as how we always do, we planned to throw the bride-to-be (BTB) a bridal shower. It is one of the best parts of a bridesmaid, right? However, she would have none of that. She didn’t want the girly party, wanted nothing to do with tiaras or any of the cupcakes and chocolate filled galore. Instead, she got us all to join the Nike run. That’s how we lazy bums got pulled in to join a marathon which we never would have on our own account, lol!

We’re taken!
We enjoyed every bit of it though. Every deep gulp of air and every wheezing gasping step were made worth it since we had each other as company 🙂 We still wanted to throw her a bridal shower, so we planned for one with a difference. We came up with a sports themed bridal shower.

Check out the stuff we got for the bridal shower!

The bridal shower stuff!
Since the theme was sports, and we had just ran a marathon, I thought it would be cute to get the bridesmaids medals and a trophy for the BTB *grin* So a few days before the run, I went to customize the medals so that they had the word “bridesmaid” print on them, and chose a trophy and had the store print the BTB’s picture on it! 😀 The trophy even had the words Bride-To-Be printed at the base along with the date of the bridal shower. Cool ey?
Medal and water bottle
Then, to add a bit more to the table, I designed water bottle labels so that we had customized mineral water bottles especially for the occasion! A simple bouquet of flowers gave the girly twist and we each signed our thoughts and well wishes in a pretty little card.Right after the Nike run, we drove to a nasi kandar joint at Sri Hartamas and as the BTB was washing her hands, we quietly got a table and laid out the stuff to surprise her! The bridal shower was a very simple DIY one but from her reactions and chirpy response, I think we made our bride-to-be really happy.
A very happy bride-to-be

With the medalists!
Tonight is the solemnization ceremony and I am extremely excited for her. I just can’t wait to be part of the happy occasion, especially when you know that two of the most awesome people you know, are to be united as one :)Salwa, I pray that everything goes smoothly and I’m sure that you’ll have a wedding to remember 🙂 Insya Allah! Love you loads you crazy chick!

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