Hapdets hapdets :D

Aloha Doodlers!

How have you all been? I hope each and every one of you had an awesome celebration 😀 to those who had a somber raya, big hugs to you *hugs*hugs* hope you’ll feel better.

I have been absolutely up to my head with projects that I didn’t have any available time to sit down and scribble much of what’s been happening with me lately.

Just before the raya holidays, there was an important project at work where I was given the responsibility of creating a video to show the fun side of our office! It was an amusing challenge and I got to go around office snapping lots of pictures of facilities and people. Putting together the video was a bit grueling though, only because my office computer kept crashing every 5 minutes. I guess all the editing process was a bit too heavy for the old pc. In the end, I loaded all the necessary files onto a portable hard drive and finalized everything at home using my trusty red Dell laptop. Alhamdulillah the video turned out great and the CEO loved it, wheee!

Then came Hari Raya!! Woohoo!! This is Alisha’s second Eid celebration (she was merely a few weeks young when she celebrated her first) and boy did she have a memorable one. She got herself 10 new outfits courtesy of Wan and Tok Pa, around 10 more from her Mommy (that’s me!), Jiddah and Ti La La; got ant bites which resulted with a swollen right eye on the first day of raya, had her first taste of nasi himpit which she loooooves, saw a show of fireworks on the first night of raya, did her social raya rounds to relatives houses and collected loads of duit raya! Her daddy taught her a funny way of saying thanks. After getting her raya packet, Alisha would hold the packet with both hands and shake it up and down as she gives you the cutest grin ever. Sabar je lah kan.

Our raya portrait, with Alisha’s swollen eye, hehehe…

Apo??? Lomang moyang hangus!??

Tia doing kitchen duties

Uuu… is it family picture time? Come on everybody!


After raya, it was back to work while at the same time prepping up for my sister and Alisha’s mini birthday bash. That was what kept me busy all the way till last weekend, fuh! Macam nak pengsan lah but it was all worth it. More on the birthday later on!


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