From baby carrier to big-girl car seat!

Woohoo!! Doodlers, may I present you Alisha in her big-girl car seat!!

Recently Alisha had been looking rather uncomfortable in her baby carrier which we propped up in the car for travelling purposes. She’d get all weepy and cranky when we place her in it and get all upset that she can hear but can’t see Mommy. Obviously she had grown to be too big for her carrier so it was time to begin our hunt for a proper car seat.

Alisha asleep in her baby carrier
We had our choices down to a budget, as the car seat was to be a gift from my sister-in-law (thanks kakak!). It definitely made life SOOO much easier as we could focus our choices to a certain price range instead of going cross-eyed over the many choices of car seats available in the market.

We browsed several shops at One Utama, and each time we saw one that we fancied, we’d put Alisha in it to see her reaction. See, Alisha has this knack of choosing her own stuff. From toys to teethers, if she doesn’t like it, you can be sure that the item will not be put to good play.

She even chose her own cot musical mobile. We showed her several types – one by one – and the moment she sees one that she likes, she’ll get all giggly and give us her happy smiles. So we figured since she’s the one who will be seated in the car seat, she might as well have the honour of choosing it.

Alisha trying out a Chicco car seat
Can you spot the baby? LOL!
In the end, we ended up with a car seat from Safe-n-Sound. Cushiony and comfy, Alisha is now a happy baby with her very own big-girl front-facing car seat! 😀 What’s more important to her (I believe) is that she can now be travelling in a car, and see Mommy!! Whee!!

Happy Chempedak 😀


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