Sweet Chat Cafe


Lol! It’s what I look forward to every week. My ME time :DToday was exceptionally awesome. I left office and headed to The Curve, with a list of items I had to buy, although most of the time I end up with stuff that’s not on the list, hihihi.

Parking was a breeze, and once parked, I headed straight for my appointment at Strip. I was really lucky for it turned out that my favourite Striperella was helping out at the Curve branch today so I didn’t have to worry about messed up eye-brows or non-experienced waxers giving me a red upper lip, ngeee.

Then, I headed off to Daiso, another one of my favourite shops! I still find it hard to believe that everything there is just RM5. You can find real treasures there!! You just have to spend some time looking through everything, eheheheh. Of course, I ended up with 5 items of which only one was on my “To Buy” list. Tsk tsk. Ape nak jadi nih. 😀

Then I walked around Nichii looking at clothes, and browsed through toys at Metrojaya (where I spotted something I liked for Alisha but must ask husband first, mahal sket, hihi).

My tummy was starting to grumble so I headed towards Sweet Chat. My colleague suggested that I try their lunch deal and I must say, I was extremely pleased that I took his suggestion! I had iced tea, macaroni and cheese and added on a desert and my bill came up to around RM11!

My set lunch of macaroni and cheese with ice lemon tea

Oooohhh..just look at that cheesy goodness!!

My add on desert : bubur pulut hitam + 2 glutinous rice balls thingy

I breathed in my food * grin *

Best giler k, you guys really should give Sweet Chat a try!

Note : Although their food’s really good, they could do much better in terms of serving time. Their service is a wee bit slow, so expect to wait a bit for your orders


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