Ice ice baby

Once in a while, we let the baby indulge in one of everyone’s guilty pleasure : ice cream 😀

Not just any ice cream ok, Baskin Robbins tuuu!!! Hehehhe…

Now now, don’t fret yourself. I can already sense a whole bunch of people going “YA ALLAAAAHHH!! DIA BAGI BABY DIA MAKAN ICE CREAM?!!?”

Don’t worry Doodlers, we only let her have little tastes of it, just to keep her happy and let her explore the different yummy pleasures of food *giggle*
Ahh…ice cream… 😀

Besides, who can say no to ice cream, kan? 😀


  1. ohhh.. macam jamoca almond je tu! is it? it's my fav!!!! hehe. oh well. every now & then pun kitorg kasi our baby rasa ice cream. kasi RASA jer, bukan perabis 1 ice cream. kan kan? hik.. comel la alisha! 😉

  2. hello, i'm not surprise. Orang dulu-dulu siap bagi anak dia minum kopi lagi..that was my atuk..and the victim was ehem..yours truly…hahahaha

  3. babe i do the same too! hehehe…saje saje je kan. sekali sekala ape salahnye =p ade penah sekali tu i kasi die rase starbucks tapi tak banyak pun sekadar rase2 je

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