Chempedak’s mobile

Remember me mentioning that my little Chempedak loves the laptop?

Well, that’s not the only techy item that she’s set her fancy on. She’s also a big fan of her Mommy’s handphone. Yessirrr, Mommy’s handphone is the bestest toy in the universe!!

Daddy’s hand phone? Ok la, so so, it’s kinda boring since it’s black in colour. Doesn’t taste that great either. Alisha tasted it the other day, managed to muffle Daddy’s phone speakers with her saliva. The husband had to switch off his phone for a good couple of hours to dry it out, lol.

Mommy’s phone on the other hand is RED!!! WUUUU!! MERAH WOOO!! Such a yummy colour! Unfortunately, Mommy doesn’t like to share her mobile with her Chempedak so much.

So what’s a baby to do? Complain to the Tok Pa of course!

Observe what happens next.

Woww!! Tok Pa got me a present!! What is it Tok Pa?

Look Alisha, your very own hand phone!

Wuuu, ailaaiikk

What does this button do?

Hello? Daddy?

Go away Mommy, this one’s mine!

Yes, Doodlers. The Chempedak gets her own hand phone.

Serious punya happy ini Chempedak.


  1. lol. i got this for my Dot too. she loves it when she was younger, siap campak lagi -.-. now only half the buttons are working. dunno if it's got to do with the batteries dying out or it getting knocked about too much by dot, haha.
    if you have an iPhone, habis laaa =P

  2. Mawar : she's completely spoiled by her grandparents, lol!

    m@ri@ : ini chempedak ada sikit kedekut, mommy nak pinjam pun dia tak bagi

    khemy : cik embuuunn, nanti kita calling calling yek!

    yaya : hebat kan?? hebat kan??

    shuey : πŸ˜€

    two_one : daddy…u know my number!

    lmk : cik keledek, call me πŸ˜€ hihihi

    anita : hehehheh, kalau adzryl dah ada mobile nanti, mesti ramai baby-aweks nak call, heheheheh

  3. I LOVE THE FIRST PICTURE of your hand n shabab's fingers at your hp!! very advert like. πŸ™‚

    Anyhoo, SHE got a baby mobile phone!?!?! hebat shabab!!! tok pa spoilkan habis niiihhhh.. :p

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