My little Chempedak

It’s been quite a while since I shared updates on my baby’s developments 🙂

It’s amazing how fast she’s growing, from a smiley little newborn bundle, she is now one hyperactive fidgety 7-month old Chempedak! Heheh.. yes yes.. as opposed to the usual cute nick names people call their babies like sweetiepie, dumpling or pumpkin.. the husband and I call our little one Chempedak. LOL! We like the localized feel to it, plus whenever she’s asleep or rolling around on the floor, she really does remind us of a cempedak.

So what’s up with little Alisha?

  • She is still drinking mommy’s milk only, no added formulas 😀 yay!!
  • She has started eating solids too! Blended porridge, potatoes, carrots, spinach, apples, pears etc
  • She loooves her baby biscuits! Farley’s Rusks and especially Baby Bites rice crackers!!

Nyummyyy… Alisha’s favourite cracker
  • She can now crawl confidently but only on padded and soft surfaces, hehehe, if on hard surfaces like wooden floors, she’ll drop her body and scoot commando style. I think she feels it’s safer that way, jatuh tak sakit
  • She likes to sing and babble A LOT
  • She’s allergic to chicken, seafood and certain types of fish, which ultimately means Mommy can have none of those
  • She enjoys her nursery as she has her very own posse there
  • She can drink while holding her own bottle
All by myseeeelllff
  • She can say Muuummmy (usually bila merengek, heheheh)
  • She said Daddy first (but it came out in a more glamourous “Eddddyy”)
  • She loves the swimming pool (as you can very well see in my previous posts)
  • She can sit when you prop her up, but on her own, it’s pretty much Cleopatra style of sitting
  • She giggles hysterically when Daddy makes Donald Duck sounds

One of her most recent and biggest achievements so far is that she can now pull herself up onto her feet by holding on to her baby cot bars!! Yayy!!

Look at me!!!

She tries to find every opportunity to practise her new found skill and although she doesn’t manage to stand up straight all the time, we’re mighty proud of our Chempedak! 😀


  1. awaaakkk alishaa dh besar..omg…sgt comehh okey…wit cempedak name :p… keep bebel2 ngan dier wak…dier ade gaye cepat ckp…maisarah pon besar tuh dh bebel2…awak bebel2 tunjuk everyhting around u..lame2 dier ikot wak…eee debabnyerrr……nwey congratssss awak…still brestfeed 😀

  2. alala, chomelnya itu chempedak..
    yay! she can stand on her own.. very good.. should also get her to do some baby exercise to strengthen her muscles..
    but your chempedak looks sturdy also..
    well done mommmmmmy and edddddy!

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