Hobi hasben saye

Doods and doodettes 😀 This is my hasben.
Everytime we have to go to the supermarket, he’d get really excited.
When we’re at the supermarket, I’d have to stop in mid conversation every now and then, or I’d find that I’ve been talking to myself or walking by myself several times. Why?
Well, that is because my husband is a supermarket-sampler addict! Seriously! Ada je counter yang sample-sample tu, semua dia nak try! He’d be so distracted if we’re contemplating or choosing something, and he spots a “try one today!” kiosk.
Excited nak try the latest drink in the market

Muka puas hati
From instant puffs to health drinks, he’d sapu them all. Then at the end of our shopping session, he’d be all “wow yang, I kenyang lah”. LOL!
Love, you never fail to amuse me 🙂


  1. maria pun suka try jugak..selalu ajak cik suami n tolak2 die srh die try jugak..yg sedap kami beli..kdg2 tu time dahaga ada pulak org bg try minuman..ape lg rembatlah..hehe..

  2. Hahaha, looks like Adam is just as funny now as he used to be in school. I remember he was always cracking everybody up at school…we were on the Prefects Board.

  3. guess wht dear?
    my husband has the same addiction too! Wahaha…
    my husband also has the knack to just leave me behind when im absorbed with something.

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