‘Coz baby two..is better than one :)

Today is the fourth of April. Exactly two years ago, on this very date, I became the wife to the most amazing man I’ve ever known 🙂 He captured my heart at hello, and is still holding it safe ever since.
This year, the husband planned a surprise gift for me for our anniversary. He had it planned for months ahead, and every once in a while he’d be saying that he has a surprise for just to fuel my curiosity. Up until yesterday morning, he’s been feeding me with made up plans for example “I’m taking you for golf lessons yang!! * huge grin*”
In the end I gave up guessing. I figured, why ruin my own surprise, right? 😀
We left Alisha with her Tok Pa and Wan, then off to my little surprise we went. I sat in the car not knowing where the husband was taking me. He drove into KL and was still throwing nonsense (“kita kena jalan banyak ni tau yang! Banyak activities ni!”) to distract me. We ended up at Berjaya Times Square and I thought, OMG, he’s taking me to the theme park!?
In the mall, he wasn’t really sure where the location of this “surprise” was and each time he approached people to ask for directions, he’d make me wait about ten feet away (“you tunggu sini k!”). Kelakar gila, I was super excited and curious by this time, not to mention highly amused as well. Nak bawak kita tapi dia pun tak tau kat mana, hahahahah
Pusing punya pusing, we finally ended up at….Jojoba Spa!!
Woohooo!! He still tried to hide the fact that he booked us a spa package by saying that we’re there to meet his friend but I was too excited to care, hahahahah!!! I WAS DYING FOR A SPA SESSION!! Lol!
The last time I enjoyed a pampering spa session was two year during my honeymoon! Hahhahaha… since then I have never found the time to give myself the much needed rub-scrub-massage-dip trip. The husband booked us a couple package so we were both in the same room.
We were given a full body scrub, jacuzzi dip, and aroma therapy massage. There was even ear-candling, something I’ve never done before. Man it surely was weird to hear the crackling sound of the lit up paper in your ear. Best giler weihh koraanngg..ahahahah..
After the rejuvenating spa session we were off to enjoy a yummy steamboat lunch. Then we went home, body feeling light and refreshed, tummies feeling heavy and loaded. * grin * Thanks for your surprise love, I had an absolutely wonderful time.
My second year of marriage has been a very eventful one I must say. We were faced with challenges (bluergh) and rewards (yay!) that made our relationship a lot stronger and God knows I love my other half more and more every single day 🙂
Happy 2nd anniversary!!
Adinda Liyana


  1. awwwww… Happy Anniversary, babe!!! 2 years dah! cepat kan!? our 2nd anniv will be in Aug! x sabar jugak! plus, fyi, 040410 marks our lil'baby Adzryl turned 9 Months!! woott woott!

    heee.. take care! 🙂

  2. waaahhhhhhh…sgt besh laa..happy anniversary..sama la anniversary kita..tp kitorang takle nak berspa bersama2..takde sape nak jaga en.alif..so angkut jek la gi makan2.. 😀

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