Boy or girl?

Yes, it is true that through the ultrasound scans, we have concluded that Dot will be a little princess and all her clothes and stuff has been coordinated to suit her little girliness.

However, something happened yesterday that left me and the husband thinking “uh oh, Dot could be a boy?”

You know how the elders like to make guesses whether you’ll be having a boy or a girl by the way you carry? Or the shape of your tummy?

Well, we were buying some kerepek from this super-old-and-frail-looking makcik in front of Maybank TTDI. Those of you who live here might be familiar with her. Accompanying her was another equally old lady with silver hair and dark skin. We see her around often, walking here and there, although we don’t know who she is or where she lives. We’re assuming around the Penchala area as she’s ofter seen walking to or from that direction.

Anyway, I was picking out my kerepek of choice and telling Makcik Kerepek that I just want one packet, Makcik Silver kept doing the marketing for her friend “Beli la tiga nak. Tiga lima ringgit je.”

I just smiled and declined politely several times.

Then, as the husband and I turned to leave, Makcik Silver said “Anak lelaki nih”.

I was like.. huh? But just smiled anyway. I thought that was her last comment.

Then she continued “Dah scan?”

Huyoo.. this Makcik Silver not that out of touch, she knows the scanning machine. heheheh…

I answered, “Dah 🙂 Perempuan la makcik”

“Tapi nampak macam lelaki,” she ended.

I just laughed and smiled a goodbye with her continuing to watch me from behind as I head towards the car.

OK, here’s something interesting to note. Almost 99% of the old and elderly ladies who took a guess said that I’m carrying a boy! LOL!! They say it’s because my belly is very sharp, or “muncung ke depan” they keep saying. Old wives tale I suppose, but yesterday’s episode with Makcik Silver was SO RANDOM to the point of freakiness!

The scans have shown us that Dot’s a girl, but hey, I guess technology has their glitches too and we have heard of stories of ultrasound scans gone wrong. If Dot does come out a boy, man, is he ever going to be the most metro-sexual baby boy out there, hahahahhahaha!! As they say, pink is just a colour… hehehe…

I guess the only way to know for sure is to wait for Dot’s arrival but for now, we’ll just bank on what the doctor says and stick to the idea that my baby’s on team PINK! *grin*


  1. heyyy mommy-to-be.

    if dot's a boy it will appear quite obvious in the scan the 'pistol' sign, docs wont miss it. but if its ambgious nampak tak nampak usually mmg girl *kot*.

    tp tgk perut u, i would think girl. walupun i bukan orang tua-tua. hihihi.

    kesian dot. takpe, we'll find out soooon.

  2. CuppyCakeMommy : Heheheh, but I'm all for the pink! hehehehehe!!

    Soraya : I don't remember which is which either!! HAHAHAHHAAHAH!!!

    E'n1x : Maybe it's because of our small frame kan?

    Mrs-Bride : itu la i kataaa.. metro tuhhh… heeehhehe

  3. tu lah.. elderly slalu ckp kalo muncung ke depan or perut tajam, meaning BOY! heh.. but no worries! we'll juz wait for Dot to come out! ehh tapi kan.. make sure u dah prepare BOY's name jgak tau.. mana tauuu! hihihi.. well, baby BOY does look good in PINK u know! cuteee.. ;D

  4. CHOR! i thought u were the one who told me about the shape of pregnant ladies' bellies! cause i bgtau org about the shape of belly and the gender thingy.. cuma i tak tau which is which! 😛

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