Busy busy me

With Michael’s funeral and memorial over and done with, so ends my mourning period for the world’s greatest entertainer and one of the biggest idols of my life.

Hello Doodlers!

How have all of you been getting on? I hope all of you are doing ok 😀
As for me, extremely occupied at the moment with work (what else is new ey?). A new programme for teenagers is kicking off on Thursday (Eeks! Tomorrow!) and there’s been lots of discussions and preparations going on for that. As I’m one of the main players in this programme, I have no choice but to tag along for the session. Feeling a bit wary about it, as the last time I went for a school session during early pregnancy, I ended up one two weeks bed rest. Perhaps would be not so bad now since Dot’s bigger and stronger, right? Either way, I’ll be extra cautious. I’ll do my best to refrain from moving around too much too fast. Although school sessions usually mean that you have to be up and about on your feet throughout the entire session. * sigh *

Oh yes! Updates on Dot 🙂 Went for my seven-month check up two weeks ago and Alhamdulillah, Dot is growing just fine! She’s bigger, heavier and dear God a lot stronger. I can really feel her kicks punches and random jabs. Can you believe it, I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant?!?! Look at that ticker up there!!! 10 weeks to go!! * panic attack * I SO need to get everything in order!! Already have a nice little cupboard waiting to be assembled at my mom’s house for Dot, however no storage space yet at the in-law’s house. I was planning on starting a little clean-up session this weekend with the husband; unfortunately he’s being kept busy by his non-profit organization involvements. Honestly, I frown every time they take him away from me on the weekends. So, since I very well can’t lift heavy items on my own, I’ll just keep myself occupied with other stuff like The Doodle Shop 😀 We have updates in case you haven’t noticed!! Feel free to drop by!

Owwhhh aaaannnddd!! My sister’s HOME!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! I’m so extremely happy that she’s back for the holidays!! Dah ada geng balik kat rumah! Woooohooo!! She was at home for a week before I got to see her. Couldn’t see her any earlier as she was on a one week “self quarantine” since this whole swine flu thingy is going on. Which reminds me that a fellow blogger mommy’s family is being quarantined at the moment at one of the hospitals after her husband tested positive for H1N1. I hope and pray that everything will be ok and that they recover soon!

Anyway, my sister came home with a whole bunch of cute stuff for Dot!! One included a Manchester United baby sleeping bag that got Daddy Dot super excited, hahahhaha! She also brought back the breast pump that I ordered and holy-cow nobody ever told me that breast pumps comes with so many attachable and detachable parts! I had to study the instruction manual just to see if all the things were fixed right. The husband fiddled around with it first, trying to put things together and tested it out by switching on the pump and suctioning his stomach, hehehehe.. sabar je lah….

I guess that’s all for now. Loads of stuff piling up as I type this so I’d better get going.

Till a later post, hugs to all of you!!!

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