People are weird

When I say people, I mean people in general, not anyone in particular and of course, myself included.

Everyone has a habit or two that they do without realizing it, for example, how many of you press the clear button several times after keying in a sum? I’m sure almost 90% of us do that. We just HAVE to press it once, twice, thrice to make sure that the numbers are really CLEARED! Hhahaha…

However, there is one thing that some people do, that I seriously don’t understand.

Nowadays, I go to the toilet A LOT (yeah, pregnancy does that to you). This one thing will happen EVERY SINGLE TIME I am in my stall of choice, without fail. I’d go into a bathroom stall, close the door behind me, turn the lock and outside your door, the lock will have a nice red sign obviously telling everyone that that stall is OCCUPIED. I suppose it’s not obvious enough for some people.

Somewhere along the way, I’d hear the main door open, and 5 steps later, someone would push on my stall door and find it locked. Sometimes they’d jiggle the lock a bit as if reality hasn’t sunk in that there’s someone in there. Oh, and here’s my favourite, some of them would fake shock “He eh! ada orang…”

Oh, and here’s the best part, there are 5 other stalls available. Why they have to aim straight for the one with the closed door is beyond my understanding.


  1. yeah, sorry for the overstaring, if you noticed. ur the second blogger i've bumped into in real life apart from stilettos (and the other babywearing mamas). so jakun sekejap. hahaha.
    so, did i manage to convince you to purchase yourself an RS later on? lol.

  2. Marie-O : Hellooww Marriam! Welcome to my kooky little blog, hehehehe…

    mrs bride : hehehe… takut ade momok kot…kan?

    munira : LOL!!

    firethorn : agree agree.. but when there's no queue… hmmm.. heheheh

    iefa : my god, skodeng orang buat bisnes dlm toilet sunggoh tak cool! hahahahah!

    E'n1x : *gasp* you saw me!? Kat mana? mungkinkah di Ikea??

  3. its happen to me..rase nak ketuk2 jek kan..i did understand if other stall been occupied…nih sgt kosong..not a wekend..not in a sale…nk skodeng kot..hishhh

  4. hahaha..well, you never know. There are ppl who are in the stall for god knows how long, whilte the queue outside is growing ridiculously.

    so sometimes I'm guilty of knocking the stall to check if the person inside passed out or not 😛

  5. …maybe they'd like to make sure there's no one else besides them!? takot2 ada org menyorok ke kan.. heh! so eventho pintu tertutup maybe dorang juz gatai nak make sure kot.. hehehe.. people people…

  6. Hahahaha. this is hillarious!
    Hi liyana, this is marriam by the way, i kinda stumbled upon your blog when i was blog hoppping. very happy to hear you're expecting from bi'tuma 🙂
    insyallah all goes best for both you and adam.

    ps: your blog perks me up after a mad day at work!!! keep it up!

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