Budget Alert!!

Ok, yesterday I did some major damage to my little pocket. I got sick of having such limited things to wear that I went out and bought 2 maternity dresses (one for work and one for an upcoming wedding). Though I was extremely happy with my purchases, I must admit they were a liiiiiitttle bit pricey (I can imagine the husband going “A LITTLE BIT?!”). To make it worse, I actually went to the shop to get leggings, hehehehhe… but left without leggings but with two dresses instead.

Note : Perhaps it is essential to share that almost 90% of my tops, kebayas, pants and jeans are now in a sealed box because I get frustrated every morning when I have to pick out something to wear and I can barely wear any of what I flip through. So now they’re boxed up, leaving behind only ROOMY items.

The day before, I went out to purchase a couple of *ehem*, “delicates” because I was getting suffocated by my current ones. When I reached the area, the saleswoman came up to me and said in her wonderfully clear voice “YES? YOU WANT NURSING BLA??”. Taken quite by surprise, I honestly wanted to ask her back “Do I?” because dear God I have absolutely no idea. When DO people purchase “nursing blas” (as she calls it)? I thought perhaps I should wait till July, but then again, if I find reasonably ones, I might as well buy them now? Any thoughts on this? Owh, and another thing I noted about the “nursing blas”, they happen to all be in grandma-like colours and blardee expensive. Kalah Calvin Klein inner wear!

Anyway, starting next month, all funds will have to be majorly concentrated on Dot’s stuff, so the dresses will be taken as my last few shopping nonsense for myself 😀 (once again, the husband will be going “yeah, right”, hahhahah).

I must say the 5th month of pregnancy has been the best. I felt so hyper and full of energy. Unfortunately, I’m starting to feel the vigor seep out of me slowly. Pace has started to slow down a bit and well, nights are not as comfortable as they used to be. Pity the husband who has to put up with all my tossing, turning and waking up in the middle of the night.

Also, I think my nausea is starting to make a comeback. Once in a while, I’d get a bout of morning sickness, although rather mild, not as severe as the first few months. Oh and lightheadedness. Any of you mommies experienced that? I’d be doing nothing in particular, like sitting down watching TV or having a chit-chat at the dinner table or standing looking at some documents when suddenly it feels like I’m floating and I can topple sideways any moment. It disappears within a few minutes though, but it might be rather dangerous if it happens while I’m driving. Perhaps I should mention this to my doctor when I see her this Monday.

UUuuUuu!! Next scan on Monday!! Can’t wait!!


  1. mommy 3+1 : thank you for the words of wisdom! 😀 will check out mom's care soon… now if only they'd have a huge sale soon

    lmk : checked for Low bp, nope, not the case. doc said prolly i didnt have enough to eat, or wasn't eating on time etc

  2. well, i bought or should i say started wearing my nursing bra rather early too. mase first trimester i gune maternity bra..then i got suffocated in it and in need of a one size bigger..when to mothercare and the sales gal recommended to beli nursing bra trus, coz its exactly the same material and wat not cume beza tat u can unhook it for nursing. afterall once the baby pops out u will need it..so might as well save ur pocket and start using the nursing bra now..hihi

    try tgk kt mom’s care..they have nursing bra yg tak colour macam grandma’s…hihi, baby blue and pink pun ade

    about not fitting in ur own baju? wat i did was…make us of ur mom’s wardrobe..hihi

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