Gift of Jesara

Hari tu kan, hasben kite bagi kite present, hikhik *suka*

Although, in actual fact, bini dia yang bagi hint depan-depan tanpa segan silu *grin*

“he ehh… cantiknyeee… cantik tak yang? Cantik kan? kan? kan?” *sambil tunjuk-tunjuk*

So look look! 😀 Daddy Dot bought me the beautiful bracelet which I had my eye on for weeks!

My Jesara

Lovely isn’t it? It’s got Swarovski crystals, Lucite flower, glass beads, and hand crafted brass as charms.

Thank you love, you’re the best husband in the whole wide world!!! (yang sanggup layan bini yang kememeh dan banyak songeh ini)

This gorgeous piece was designed and handmade by Florence of Elodiaz. I’m so in love with her designs, tapi mahal sket, so takde lah nak beli selalu kan, especially with Dot’s shopping extravaganza happening soon, heeheehee 😀

Anyway, for those of you who’d like to have a look at Florence’s collection, you can check out her website here, or visit her little stall on weekends at Cineleisure (outside McDs).


  1. i don’t have a blog cause i know i can’t be consistent like you are. but i read your blog religiously and keep up with the updates especially the ones about shopaholic and fashion. elodiaz… simply marvelous. thank you. oh, by the way, i’m emira.

  2. soraya : sila belajar the art of hinting, hahahahah

    m@ri@ : check out her collection! 🙂

    Ai-Ling : my pleasure!

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