Dot, Daddy Dot and Mr Sheepish

Recently, sleeping on my side has been causing me to wake up with mild cramps. Dot’s getting slightly heavier by the day so I suppose it puts a bit of strain on my belly and back muscles. Taking advice from a friend, the husband and I went out to look for a comfortable yet thin enough pillow which I can use to give a bit of support to my belly. We browsed here and there and finally, the husband found the most adorable and soft cushion ever!!

Everyone, check out Dot’s first pillow!!! 😀

Comes complete with a little soft lamb, which has been named Mr Sheepish by the husband.

I’m sure you know who put him in this position.

On another note, much to our great delight, Dot now responds to the husband’s voice! Yes, the Daddy Dot is very excited. Previously, Dot would start kicking around vigorously during Maghrib prayers, when the husband is reciting Al-Fatihah and other surah.

Nowadays, the husband a.k.a Daddy Dot would talk to Dot every night before he goes to sleep, and Dot would actually kick the area that he’s speaking to! It’s so funny to see tiny waves or bumps arising on my belly startling Daddy Dot almost every time.

Entering 23 weeks of pregnancy, I’m finally starting to look like someone sporting a pregnant belly (although everyone keeps telling me how small I am as compared to others). I feel great but work’s starting to be a bit taxing, with the team having to go out and do sales work now but that’s another story for another day.



  1. ccm : enjoying every moment!! 😀

    adie : kan?! cam nak picit-picit je kambing tu all the time! hahaha

    soraya : yeah!!! we can't wait for you to come back!!!

    nlnb & kbzb : kawan-kawan, sila ke Home's Harmony at One Utama (new wing), kedai yang in between MPH and Parkson's entrance tuh 😀

    farahana : hihihi

  2. CHOR!!! COMELNYA THE PILLOW!!! and terkejut ya bile tgh the lamb can actually be taken out from the pillow!!! AND COOL!!! dot tau suara ADam!!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE U!!! AND UR BABY BUMP!

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