Iklan Sembelit

Hahahhahaah, the title for today’s post is so.. eww.. kan?


I was in the car with husband dearest a few days back when suddenly on the radio came this voice moaning and groaning as below :

“Adooiii… toolloonnnggg…. Lepaskan akuuuuu… kenapa aku terperangkap macam ni.. matilah akuuuu.. asyik kena sumbat makanan aje sampai gemuk!! Aarrgghhh!!”

Or something along those lines. We both got quiet and turned the radio volume up, thinking… what in the world… in my head, I was assuming that it is some slimming product advertisement.

Then the next thing you know “Makanlah something something (don’t remember product name) untuk melegakan sembelit!!”

And the moaning groaning voice earlier on went :


Haaaaaaaahahahahahahahah!!! Can you believe it?! The moans and groans were actually supposed to be coming from POOP?! They gave poop a voice!!! Hahahahahah!!!

Gosh, advertisers are really getting creative nowadays, hahahahah!!

Try listening to our local Malay radio stations (I think we were tuning in to Hot FM) and see if you can catch the ad, it’s absolutely hilarious!


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