Uuuu… flowery!

Hello everyone!! Wow, I’ve been missing in action for quite awhile! Sorry peeps, have been extremely busy at work that I hardly have time for much else, boohoo.

Anyway, I was walking past by a different department today when I suddenly got a whiff of absolutely gorgeous floral fragrance. It literally made me spin around to see who it was and tracked her down to ask her what she was wearing. See, I’m not much of a perfume wearer, I only have several favourites and this one would definitely fall into my favourite list!

So when I asked her what she was wearing (this colleague of mine), she got really amused because usually, preggo moms are not big fans of perfumes (think headache, nausea, gaga, puke). I expected her to throw me one of those big brands like Chanel or Ferragamo or even Clinique, but she told me that she’s wearing an Avon range!!

Avon, you rock lah. I’m going to see if I can get hold of an Avon dealer and get me one of those flowers in a bottle. It smelled fresh and … happy! A few other perfume favourites of mine would be YSL’s Babydoll, Dior Addict 2 (for the heavy nights out since it’s a bit strong), my new Guess perfume (gift from husband dearest) and my all time super favourite which nothing can beat ever is Ralph Lauren’s Romance!! If you guys are thinking of perfume comparisons or reviews, then you can checkout this new perfume blog, and no no, it’s not mine.


  1. Blackie : Alamak, i forgot already what’s the name, nanti i ask my colleague k?

    lmk : yeaahhh.. lucky me i’m still the fragrance loving little lady too, heheheh..

    quiyah : wahhh..OU also got Avon outlet? Avon sungguh maju..hehehehe

  2. dear, there’s a lot of avon outlets arnd kl that u can get a hold of that perfume, one of them is at puchong and even in endah parade also got one avon outlet.. if im not mistaken i’ve seen one in one utama as well.

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