The Doodle Shop!

Ok, so here’s a little something that’s been long shelved due to unforseen circumstances.

The Doodle Shop!!

Yes my darling Doodlers, The Doodle Shop is now open!! *grin*

For those of you who are still clueless as to what The Doodle Shop is, well, it is basically an online shop (I can hear some “oh no, not another one” groans out there) where Day*Dreamer and I sell brand new and pre-loved goods that we feel worth sharing!

You know us girls tend to buy buy buy, then we put them into our huge closets that are already stuffed with so many clothes and shoes and pants and jeans already, that we tend to forget that we bought the lovely items, then we go out and buy some more. After that, we complain that we have nothing to wear *giggle*

Yeap, that’s us, guilty as charged. So, rather than letting the good stuff go to waste, we put them up for sale at The Doodle Shop!! Don’t worry, items are in great condition. Some are brand new, never before worn, and some even still have their price tags on. We amaze ourselves.

So I hear you say “If they’re brand new and still good, why are you selling them off?”. Good question with equally good answers. Day*Dreamer is shifting to her own apartment (yay for her!), so she needs to clear out her stuff in order to de-clutter her packing and unpacking process. As for me, well hellooOOooo, pregnant and expanddiiinnggg!! I need to make space for baby stuff later on too, and I doubt I’d be able to go back to my size zero (boohoo).

Currently there are only a few items posted up, as we are still snapping pictures and sorting out our treasures, but rest assured that there are more goodies on the way 😀

So what are you waiting for? Head on to The Doodle Shoppronto!!


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