After having a splendid Sunday, I carried my good mood and positive aura over on to Monday and it definitely did me a world of good. Bouncing through work, I was all fine and dandy through lunchtime.

One of my colleagues has had a bit enough of my drably looking outfits to work to which I defensively went “I don’t have pants to wear!!!” hence I keep on wearing the one pair of maternity working pants that I have (and it’s big, and gedobos, and a mundane grayish blue in colour). So what did we do during lunch time? Out to search for stylish maternity pants for me, of course!

After grabbing a bite to eat, we went to this cute little maternity shop called Funky Mama and I ended up buying 1 pair of tights, 1 pair of extremely comfy yoga-like pants, 1 pair of working pants (which has adjustable waistline, stretchable material, figure flattering and stylish) and also a pair of maternity jeans!! I CAN WEAR JEANS AGAIN!! YAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

Unfortunately maternity wear often costs a bomb and yes, I burnt quite a hole in my pocket. These bottoms better last me till my 9th month!! At least I look great again after the whole few months of I-don’t-care-what-I-wear-because-I’m-too-busy-trying-not-to-puke episodes.

Owh, and yes, morning sickness still here, I still make random dashes to the toilet to hurl (or my brain thinks I’m about to hurl), but they’re not as severe as before. Maybe it’s slowly fading away? I sure hope so!!


  1. hehehe.. i bought all 3 maternity pants (currently ada 3 jer i beli) at JJ.. Scarlet brand! okay gak.. comfy and very the lembuttt.. haha! dia x berlipat kt atas tp cam ada 2 lines utk separatekan ur tummy n kaki.. and eventho takde getah2 ke ape, tp it will hold ur tummy elok2.. tak jatuh2.. and ada tali utk ikatkan! camne nak ckp ekk? alaa.. u cek sendiri nnt! btw, it’s rm39 each.. mahal sket la kot dari Tesco’s tp boley la tu.. i rasa, 3 cukup kot for me sementara waktu nih.. was thinking to wear maxi dress jerrr.. senanggg! nak kain plzz.. malas pakai seluar.. LOL! :))p.s. tp nak checkout Tesco gak laa kot2 leh beli extra pants.. hihhii..

  2. I agreed with mommy3+1. My maternity pants muat dlm 2-4 bulan pastu da takleh pakai. I’m left with 2 out of 6 pants. Anyway, no worries, bulan 7 ade mega sale leh shopping;P

  3. I agreed with mommy3+1. My maternity pants muat dlm 2-4 bulan pastu da takleh pakai. I’m left with 2 out of 6 pants. Anyway, no worries, bulan 7 ade mega sale leh shopping;P

  4. muhazu : mahal kan?? eheheh..can’t wait for MS to disappear, completely!!shila : hoh, seharusnya i mengstock up on the tesco yoga pants also. tapi kena tunggu gaji seterusnya… heheh…mommy 3+1 : ha? 2 bulan lagi tak muat? ALAAAAAAAA!!!!

  5. i shall agree with shila. those suar yg rm19.90 warna hitam tapi belah atas tu diff colour…errr u know wat i mean? yg belah atas tu mcm lipat keluar.and dear, seryesly dont be suprised if in 2 months time all those tat u beli n tot it would last u up till 9 months doesnt fit u anymore!

  6. pembelian terhebat dan terbagus lagi amat puas hati ialah seluar ala2 yoga, kaler hitam, stretchable, from TESCO. the best part of it: RM19.90. i bought it five~! and been wearing it since 25 weeks till now. 35 weeks. purfecttt okeh. and if i were to let go lepas ni, jadi kain burok ke hape, tak apa la kot. dah selamat melepasi useful life seluar itu. =P

  7. yayness!!m/s slowly disappearing!oh i agree with you, maternity clothing is ex! likewise, I only have 1 maternity pants – but I can’t be wearing them everyday now, can I? 🙁few more days, and m/s will surely disappear. Goodbye toilet bowl, hello super duper mega appetite!

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