Week 10 with Dot

Week 10 of being pregnant. The nausea and headaches are still around, although not as severe as it used to be. I can eat rice now, even if only in small portions but at least it’s an improvement from the big-no-no to rice previously.

Unfortunately my morning sickness now comes at random times during the day. Like today, I felt so nauseous that even drinking water made me feel like throwing up.


Come on Dot, cut mommy some slack, let’s get over this whole morning sickness already!

I just want to eat. That’s all. When I say eat, I mean eat like I normally do. Without the feeling of turning pale at the sight of food. Eating in small portions seem to help, so that’s what I’ve been practicing for the time being.

Oh and here’s something new, I get this WEIRD unpleasant metallic taste in my mouth constantly, especially after I’ve eaten or drank something sweet. As you can imagine, it intensifies my nausea. Double ugh.

Apart from that, my leg calves (betis) get really painful at times, especially at night, and also areas behind my pelvic bone (but that seems to have subsided).

Man, this being pregnant thing is definitely hard work. It sure looks and seems like nothings happening but the whole juggling between nausea, headaches and cramps while growing a baby will definitely leave you tired and fatigued.

I sure hope the husband understands all this though. I mean, I’m quite sure that at certain times he thinks that I’m just being all mengada and just want to laze about when in actually fact I feel like crap. He keeps on asking me out to the mall, or his YMP club meets and stuff like that, but I just really don’t feel well enough to do any of that. Sigh.

I can’t concentrate at work, and that just sucks. I make so many trips to the toilet due to urgent needs to pee or hurl that I might as well turn one of the toilet cubicles into my work station. My head feels so heavy most of the time. The aircond turns my feet to ice and I was on the verge of moving my laptop to the storeroom to get warm but thankfully, my dear colleague took me to One Utama and we bought me a pair of winter socks (thanks Shah!!). So yay! My feet are warm and toasty now.

All I look forward to every day is snuggling in bed with the husband after getting a nice foot massage from him. Unfortunately, the offers for foot massages have seemed to decreased. Seriously mesti dia rasa bini dia ngada-ngada *cry*. He’s also probably tired from his work. I should pay attention to him more. If only I can get rid of this lousy feeling.

Morning sickness (I’d rather call you prego sickness)… GO AWAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!


  1. Mrs B : uuu, we’re almost exactly 10 weeks apart? sweet!! Mommy 3+1 : seriously? kejap ada kejap takde?? ok i’m looking forward to the day when it doesn’t appear at all!Laney : alaa… cannot is it? but that’s the only thing that helps me sleep at night! oh well, will try your other suggestions, thanks babe!muhazu : thank you, am hoping it’s earlier!two_one : 🙂Mrs. Amie : I know, a long way to go, so here’s praying that everything else will be smooth sailing after this 🙂lmk : thank youu.. needed that! *hugs*

  2. hi twiggy,if i’m not mistaken, foot massage during pregnancy is a NO-NO! could effect ur peranakan tau.. especially at this early stage. what u can do is, rendam kaki in warm water to ease the cramps.. and place a pillow under ur feet whenever u sit and sleep. try it and take care ya!

  3. my nausea for the triplets pregnancy was terrible, or shall i say horrible! i had to lie down all day long. si basically wat i had wasn’t morning sickness but all-day-long-sickness.but amazingly, it all dissapeared the day i was in my 13th week. it felt strange actually, the day before i could hardly get up but the next day (first day of 13th week) i was up like the usual me. i would have thought it would go away gradually, instead die mcm biskut…arini ade, bsok tiada =)so hold on there ya.oh, i couldn’t eat rice at all through out tat pregnancy!

  4. wow! you’re 10 weeks+ already now.. how time flies eh? cepat btol.. 😉anyhow, don’t worry too much.. your pregnancy sickness will go away soon.. 🙂oh yeah, i turned 20 weeks today and tak sangka beza 10 weeks with u.. hihihi! take care okeh.. jgn stress2.. hope to read more updates on u.. as for me, malas btol nak update blog eventho byk things to say and share.. huhuhuh! 😛

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