Paddington prospect

The other day, I was lazing about in the room, while my niece was going through the pile of junk I had on my bedside table.

“Hey! You have this too!”, she exclaimed while holding up the Guardian’s Paddington Bear redemption card. Have you all heard of it? Guardian has this thing going on where every RM25 you spend, you get one stamp and after collecting a specific number of stamps, you get to redeem a cuddly Paddington plush bear.

“Wow, you already have 3 stickers! I only have one,” she continued. So I said that yes, I have three but I still need a lot more before I get to get the Paddington Bear.

“When you get the bear…”, she started her sentence slowly. I was 100% sure that she was going to say “Can I have it?” because that’s what she usually says and most of the time I spoil her by giving her what she wants.

But this dainty 7 year old surprised me once again when she finished her sentence.

“When you get the bear, are you going to keep it for your baby? You really should you know, you have no toys!! Your baby’s going to be so bored!”

I literally laughed out loud and said thank you for pointing it out and when I go shopping for toys for her new cousin, she can come along, which got her all excited.

Kids, they never cease to amuse you.


  1. hey babe.. u should get 25 stamps to get a 9 inch paddington bear but if im not mistaken, the promotion will end by the end of this month.. u better hurry ok to get the paddington bear.. it’s so cute! btw, i have the 9 inch paddington bear, with yellow raincoat.. hehe..

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