My Disappearing Act

Hello sweet Doodlers!!

Please pardon me for my absence on the blogging world. I’ve started back at work on Tuesday and there’s been quite a bit of catching up to do, considering that I’ve been away for two whole weeks.

Oh, and something unexpected happened on the morning I was getting ready for work (first day). As usual, I just grabbed a pair of pants and a top to go along with it. To my huge surprise and utter disbelief, my pants were tight!!! So I’m standing there in front of the mirror thinking, wait a minute… this can’t be right… I HARDLY have a belly yet!! But sure enough, I can’t button up unless I suck in my stomach and hold my breath. So I gave up as it felt extremely uncomfortable. Luckily my top was not the skimpy short type, so it was long enough to cover my unbuttoning obscenities. LOL!

Wait, there’s more!! I had lunch with my friend at our normal mamak, where I had a quarter portion of nasi beriyani than what I usually have. Disheartening really. I still don’t have much appetite to eat. Unfortunately, that measly portion of rice was enough to make my belly think it was time to expand again, as if I wasn’t feeling bloated enough already, ahahahaha.. and this time, there goes my zippers. Huwaarrgghh!! Takleh zip pulak!!! Sebaik baju panjang ok!!!

Once I got back to the office I made sure I had minimal movements from my chair to anywhere else, for fear that my pants might slip off, hahahahaha, I felt so ridiculous. Thank God I managed to go through the day without any embarrassing accidents.

The next day, I ignored my working pants and chose a skirt instead. I bought this skirt quite some time ago from Pumpkin, but never wore it as it was a bit loose. Well, suits me fine now, pleats, smocks and all! Thank God I had it in my closet!

On another note as to why I have not been updating is that my morning sickness has been taking its toll on me. Actually, for me, it’s more like “evening” sickness. Everyday, from 6pm onwards, I’d be down with extreme nausea along with major migraine. Sape cakap morning sickness tu best, dia orang gila. I’d be on my bed, not able to do much to help rid of whatever I’m feeling but basically just lie there and wish for it to go away while frustratingly massage my own temples in my feeble attempt to feel better. This would go on for at least three hours until I manage to fall asleep.

Then, here comes the best part. Like clockwork, my eyes would pop open at around 3am and I would be tossing and turning feeling extremely uncomfortable and not able to sleep until around 5am or so. ARRGGhh! Juuust as I am able to close my eyes, the wonderful husband’s alarm goes off, blaring Jon Bon Jovi’s song and does he wake up? Noooo, of course not. I’d have to nudge (or rather shove) him a couple of times until he realizes that it’s his alarm that’s causing the ruckus. *sigh* In the end, I’d have to get up anyway, since I now go to work at 7.30am (to enable me to go home before my “evening” sickness strikes).

So my dear friends, that is why I haven’t been able to update much. I’m super occupied at work during the day, and come evening, I can’t function. I’m hoping this all goes away by week 12!!


  1. nlnb : you think.. heehhhehhehenurulzia : and when you reach that stage, you panic “will i ever get to wear all these pants ever again!!! hahahaah!! i’m still thinking it!! there goes my size zero 😀muhazu : oh man, all the way till week 14?? *groan* i guess it would all be worth it in the end huh.. ehehe

  2. hi you 🙂mmm guess what? I’m nearing week 7 and yup, my pants can’t be buttoned anymore. Bummer. Then, one fine day, while I was doing my prayers, I realised that when sujud, the waistband of those pants like press against my tummy, and whoah all of a sudden to disappoint you sweetie, but all the nausea may stretch beyong Week 12 🙁 Mine stretched all the way till Week 14! But by Week 18, the baby started kicking! So yeah I guess it really made those puking worth it *lol*!Bear with it ya, it will pass by soon 🙂pss : I just added you on FB. Add me?

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