To the one that keeps me going…

Throughout the rough past few weeks that I’ve had, no one has done more for me than my ever so wonderful husband.

He massaged my temples when I’m having my severe headaches, massaged my back when I feel all bloated and gassy, massaged my feet when they feel all prickly like pins and needles.

Since I’m on bedrest, he’s been up and down contantly bringing me breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Not to forget, the in between snacks. Also, the spur of the moment cravings. He drove around everywhere to help ease my craving for sweet corn. When papayas and guava was what I wanted, papayas and guavas was what I got.

When I had my head in all the wrong places, he was constantly there giving me reassurance that everything will be ok, even though I knew that he wasn’t that quite sure himself.

I feel rather useless not doing anything to help, but he’s been so great. He’s even mastered feeding the cats, cleaning up after them, watering the plants at my parents’, taking care of his nine hamsters, clean up the room, put away clean clothes AND helped do my laundry.


Husband dearest, you make me love you more and more every single day.

Yesterday, he gave me a card which made me feel all mushy inside. *swoon*

So incase you feel that this all goes unnoticed, thanks love…for everything.


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