Rocking with Roxy

Sooo, as mentioned, we got a new friend for Pitong and here she is!!

Doodlers, please welcome Roxy!

Isn’t she cool? She’s got more colour than Pitong, obviously (with Pitong being black and white, ehhehe) and she’s more of a feisty young thing.

Pitong just adores her, and when he gets a hamster treat, he becomes such a gentle’hammy’man and gives the treat to Roxy!! Then he tries to share but unfortunately Roxy likes to keep the whole thing, so dia mengalah and looks for another piece of treat. Chomel kan??

Roxy’s a bit young and she doesn’t really know much so usually she’ll just imitate whatever Pitong does and it really is cute to watch. So hopefully Roxy will learn all the ropes about climbing plastic tunnels and running super fast in wheels from Pitong and she’ll lead a happy hammy life 😀



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