Happy Holidays!!!

Helloowww Doodlers!!

How are you all doing this wonderful holiday season? I’m currently in Johor Bharu, having a little getaway with husband dearest. The hotel we’re staying at is absolutely fabulous! Why? 1st of all, everything in the minibar is FREE! Best kan? kan?? Hahhaha, this is the first hotel I’ve ever been to that offers everything in their minibar for free. Usually we just get the complimentary bottled water. Yang nih, siap bagi six canned drinks (a mixture of fizzy and non), bottled water (of course) and chips! Memang best.

Masa kecik-kecik dulu (I’m sure many of us did this), we’d like drink and take stuff from the mini bar, pastu turun pegi grocery shop and ganti balik whatever we took. Hhahaha, usually we do it for the thrill of taking stuff in the mini bar, but the husband defensive sket, dia kata sebab malas turun pegi kedai (yeah, right).

The other reason why I love this hotel is because the INTERNET IS FREE!! WHEEEEEEEE!! Yes, yes, I’m one of those people who feel like I’ve lost touch with the whole wide world if I don’t get to check my email every other day. Sad, but true.

Anyway, here’s wishing my Doodlers who celebrated Christmas a belated Merry Christmas! I was busy prepping up for the travel, did not have time to update.

Till later, ta!


  1. hey u! i was in Melaka on Sat & Sun too! just a little Babymoon getaway.. hahaha! gonna go again next month.. tp to different places laa.. hihhii.. Enjou ur stay!! 😀p.s. ntah2 u gi Wedding Mawi-Ekin kot?? hihihi.. nahhh kidding!! 😛

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