Have any of you seen the latest Disney movie called Bolt?

If you haven’t then I highly recommend it!! An absolute must! Especially to the parents out there, this is one movie you should take your kids to. Sumpah kelakar gila!!

It’s about this dog, whose whole life is a reality tv show (kind of like Jim Carey’s Truman Show). Everyone knows about it except the dog. So he thinks he’s a superdog who’s all about keeping his “person” safe from the evil clutches of the bad people. One day, he somehow got out of the studio set and there his adventures begin!

The husband and I watched it two nights ago at One Utama’s GSC and what made it even better was that the movie was in 3D. I always thought 3D movies only showed at Berjaya Times Square!

Us with our funky 3D eyewear
My absolute favourite character in the movie has got to be Rhino the hamster.

Rhino the super cute and oh-so-chubby-geram-nak-picit-sampai-pengsan hamster
Reminded me so much of Donut the Doodle hamster, hahahahha! The both of us liked the hamster so much that we’re thinking of getting a real one!! Told my boss about it and she happily wants to give us her hamsters so she’s going to talk to her kid about it.

So, go watch Bolt! Guaranteed to give you a barrel of laughs. Well, it had me in stitches 😀


  1. chor… i’m not ‘yay’ instead of ‘yaya’ eh. referring to ur reply. hhehhehe. ahahhaha apa lar. kat UK iqa kata, maybe in a month’s time baru keluar.. 😐

  2. yay : hahahahha, itu laaa!! tatau la your brother in-law excited gila nak hamster, dia dah siap pilih nama. Hamsternye pun takde lagi. Yes, the adik-adik will be SOO jakun, tatau la nak taruk rumah mana (or whether we follow through with the idea of getting a hamster)! LOL!mieza : initially kitorang plan nak tengok twilight!! tapi jauh malam sangat, so we ended up watching Bolt!Missy F : hihi, ingatkan kitorang je jakun tau, ramai je yang bergambar ngan 3D shades diorang dalam panggung tu

  3. chor!!! at which house are u going to keep the hamsters??!? if it’s our hse, adik2 will be sooooooo thrilled!!!!! hahahaha i can just imagine the both of them having those wild eyes being jakun. especially if u put the hamster in that ball.

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