Often we attend weddings and come home with a wedding favour that either end up collecting dust or going into the trash. It’s sad really, to think that a lot of effort went into the process of figuring out what to give away during a wedding in the first place.

Wouldn’t you agree? For my wedding, my parents were cracking their heads and searching high and low, locally and abroad, just to settle on the right favours to give guests. We ended up giving a thai silk covered wooden box with dodol filled inside during night of the nikah, and a beautiful wooden box with gold thread pattern on thai silk covered lid with pot pourri and scented flower shaped candles inside to everyone for the reception.

nikah favours
reception favours
A couple of weeks back, my parents attended a wedding and brought home one of the cutest wedding favours I’ve ever seen.

Aren’t the teddies adorable?? In case you haven’t noticed, the teddy bears are actually hand phone accessories!! You know, like the types where you can hang on your phone and they go all dangly-dangly and make your mobiles all pretty and funky 😀

Then, attached to the teddybears is a card with a beautiful picture of the bride and groom and behind it is a short printed note of thanks.

So to those of you who are busy planning a wedding, here’s a great idea you can keep in view!!


  1. adik : ha ah, wedding anak aunty anne 😀lmk : really? cool!alexa 😀 we work in the same building?? hahahahaha, howdy neighbour!hanie : i’m not sure, but i think lmk says can find in bandung?munira : thank you! 🙂hani : aww, thanks! heheh

  2. mmg i tgh pening sesangat on the wedding favours..huhui wanna make it simple, but not that typical but yet i wanna ensure that it is within the budget..which is still tough..pening siot

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