I was rushing out a logo about an hour ago when suddenly, this super penyet and urgent voice boomed out from the speakers on the ceiling :


Waaahhh… it’s a fire drill!!!

It’s funny how nobody ever takes fire drills seriously (apart from the Pak Guard and Mak Guard). I was all set to bounce around the office and mock a drama queen pitched voice screaming “API!! API!! API!!!” but since bonus is around the corner, stopped myself in the nick of time. LOL!

As usual, everyone took their own sweet time to patter down the emergency staircase. As I was hurrying towards the emergency exit, a number of lady colleagues were still packing their stuff into their handbags (handphone, lipstick, purse, mirror… oops! nearly forgot hair scrunchie!).

eek! api!!

When I was in school, fire drills were something we looked forward to. First of all, there was the abang-abang bomba who would come all mucho macho in their uniforms. Then there’d be the fire extinguishing demonstration, real cool stuff!!! Mesti ada yang dapat volunteer tolong padamkan api with that super long water hose that blasts water at a pressure so strong I swear it can blast me across the football field. Also, sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get to climb on to the fire truck and see the gleaming red truck up close!

Anyhuuu, fire drill over now so it’s back to work! πŸ˜€

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