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Out of the many who have been startled by my new hair style, my CEO seems to be the one who finds it most amusing. The first time he saw me with my new look he exclaimed, “Heavens!! What have you done!!” I have yet to decipher whether that was a good thing or not but I simply laughed and took it positively.

Yesterday morning, while on my way to the pantry, I saw him walking towards me with a huge grin on his face.

CEO : Unrecognizable! *stops in mid-track* So when did you do this? (hand gesturing towards my bangs)

Me : Last Sunday 😀

CEO : What prompted the change?

Me : Oh, for fun! 😀 Just something fun for myself.

CEO : Really? Nothing to do with your relationship with the world?

Me : *laughs* No no!!

CEO : Good then 🙂

I pondered over what he said for quite some time that day. Why did I decide to have a new hairstyle? God knows I’ve had the same hairstyle for the past 11 years. Maybe that was it. I guess I felt like I needed a good change. Also, it was a picker-upper for my deep blue mood.

I’ve come to realize that it was simply the first step I needed to make myself a happier me. Not that I wasn’t happy before, but hey, good change is always welcome. I now dress better to work, I feel an added zest of confidence and heck I’ve even taken a more positive approach to achieve things that I want in life.

According to The Secret (I watched the video yesterday) by Rhonda Byrne, if you want something you have to :
1.Ask (say out loud what you want to achieve)
2.Believe (unwavering belief that it is already yours)

Ehm, let’s put it in a more Islamic context :

HAHAHAHAHHA, betul tak? Betul tak?

Be happy and you’ll attract all things happy. Be forlorn and all the negative aura of the universe will come your way. Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy. If shopping makes you happy, then shop! If singing makes you happy, then put on your favourite song and sing!! Then after getting rid of that sadness and frustration, focus all thoughts on what you want. Stop dwelling on your past for it will only hold you back from moving towards your happiness.

cukup bahagia bergaya di tempat kerja, yeah baby!!
Let’s go by the Law of Attraction, shall we? You attract what you think about most, but you also become what you think about most. So here what I’m going to do. Put out all my positive vibes out there and remind myself daily about the things that I want by having a vision board. 😀 Yeaahh, I’m going to paste all things related to what I want and put it somewhere I can see every day. Put my dreams where I can see them and know that they are going to come true!! I BELIEVE they will! Bismillahirahmanirahim!

Mungkinkah ini hangat-hangat tahi ayam seperti azam tahun baru setiap tahun? I have no idea, but at least I’m off to a good start. I’ve made changes already *grin*


  1. blur12 : kat ofis, team aku has this little saying “bila dah dapat kena cakap ape? Alhamdulillaahhh” 😀 hikhikhikrsa : thanks!! and yes, we read the book, take the positivities, and apply it in daily life, but that doesn’t mean we forget God kan? 😀Missy F : awww, thanks babe *malu*D*d : sometimes, people need a little nudge to help them believe and be happy. you might find it horrid, but others might find it helpful 🙂 think positive!!mrs-bride : tenkiu! hik!dzu : sila tanya velvet ribbon! 😀sb : cheers!

  2. Ok sweetie i love you and everything but err… the Secret? I have allergies just thinking about that horrid horrid book and that horrid horrid woman who is just trying to make money out of gullible people. But err.. ehm… as long as you’re happy babes 😀hug?

  3. hey, u look great in the jacket.rambut tak nampak la..and about the secret tu, I really believe it tau..and it really does work and it has somewhat changed our lives too.cuma dlm secret takde concept Qada dan Qadar.itu yg i notice but nonethleless, memang work, insyaALlah.it all starts from your brain kan?if you think positive, positivela ia..ia tak?*huge pat on your back!!!*

  4. aku tak nampak le rambut ko camane? ko meggi kan ke apa? and law of attraction tuh? hahaha seriesly menjadi. (please refer newsflash yg aku inform tadi). aku aku check balik aku nye target list (siap dgn tarikh)…memang kene.yelah. new year nih. aku pon berazam byk juga. cuma top to the list ialah make sure azam2 itu dijalankan and that include to be a happier-mesama-samalah kita ye raja!

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