1. lizzie : let’s all hope for the best 🙂kimo : ha ah, they look so nice together kan?lina : indon slang not so difficult to pick up, considering our language is almost similar i think? d*d : agreed! hair dramatically cool!lankapo : “jangan ribut ribut” hahahhahh!!chickiesd : amin!hani : thanks for dropping by! always welcome to scribble a comment 😀

  2. haha dari slang mat saleh terus slang indo hehe..kagum akuaku ada jugak kawan yang kawin org indoensia ni, tak de lah plak ckp dgn aku bahasa indo. Ok jeeMungkin tertarik dengan keayuann bunga lalu lidah kelu seribu bahasa aduhh jangan ribut ributtt

  3. nice couple. funnily enuff, bunga managed to change ashraff’s mat salleh’s slang to 100% indonesian.. was really surprised to hear him speak in melodi. sgt indon seh..

  4. Okay, the 2nd photo looks a bit weird.. With the cloth placed on their heads and… and.. is his songkok senget?Tho, I hope they’d have a good marriage and not just divorce each other when problem arises like most of the celebs nowadays..

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