The heart wishes for…

Have you ever wanted something so so bad, but can’t do much but wait and see if you do get it?

Like waiting and hoping that you will be getting a whopping yearly bonus, or getting the angpau packet with the largest amount, or waiting to see if the cake you put into the oven will rise nicely or totally flop? Or if you’ll be getting that promotion or if it will go to someone else?

I’m sure you have. Me too. It sure squeezes your insides to just have to wait and see, kan? Especially when it’s something that you can’t share with anyone because they probably will just brush it off as something not so important just yet. It kills you though, because you’re just yearning for it. Kan?

Oh well, my prayers go to Allah, may you bless me with my dreams becoming true. Amin.


  1. i think i know what u mean, or what you’re referring to.. oh well, i’m yearning for it too… lets pray for each other! *amen2*p.s. kalao salah, ignore jer.. tp kalo betul, AMINNN sumore.. hehehe.. 🙂

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