The mushy side of me

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to music. Myself, I used to have different phases in life when I liked different sorts of music. There was once when I was totally into all those lagu-lagu Melayu, I’d tune in to 95.3 every night and can basically sing along to all those songs from the Melayu rock kapak to the Melayu jiwang karat songs which prompted my sister to label me “minah jiwang”.

Another phase was when I was into Hindi songs, all those beautiful tracks from the oh-so-wonderful Hindi movies, especially those starring Shahrukh Khan. Oh was I ever smitten over Shahrukh. So charismatic. *swoon* I memorized the lyrics to almost every tune, and heck I even made effort to find out their meanings which was how I learnt to understand basic Hindi.

The there was another time when I was totally into black music. You know, the raunchy bump-bump beat of songs from the likes of Ja-Rule and all that. But then they were a bit vulgar and obscene, so my preferences switched as my hormones calmed down.

Then I was into soppy lovey dovey music, which unfortunately, I still like till today. Be it Malay songs, or English songs, I love them all. Anyway, just thought I’d share with all of you my all time favourite song. I love this song so much, I used to play it over and over and over again back when I was in university. I bet it drove my room mates crazy, sorry korang, hehehehe.

I love Jessica Simpson, no matter how much of a bimbo she is. I loved her and Nick when they were a couple. They seemed so perfect together, especially when you’re viewing the video to this song. It’s just too bad they didn’t last. *sigh*

Anyway, here’s one of my all time favourites, a cover of Where You Are, by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.


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