Balik kampung

Tomorrow, I’ll be going back to Melaka. Balik kampung time! yay!

We’ll be going back to my uncle’s kampung in Masjid Tanah first before heading off to my grandma’s place in Ayer Keroh. But then this time, my adik tak ade. *sniffle* Tak best lah balik kampung Uncle Talib without my adik. Sure boring gila. Nak dok bergossip ngan sape kat verandah tu..? Lagi rindu la kat dia nanti.


Check out this picture of us taken during raya in 2005! ๐Ÿ˜€

That year, none of my family members balik kampung, even my aunties and uncles celebrated their raya here in KL/Selangor. Why? Because that was SPM year!!! Yeap, if memory serves me right, SPM was just around the corner of eid celebrations, so everyone decided to just have a little celebration at home. My cousins all came to my house on raya night that year, and we had loads of fun, with dad cheerfully decorating the place dengan lampu lip lap and pelita. Memang syok ahh. Don’t quite remember if we played bunga api or not, hehehe..

Oh well. Hope you’re doing ok over there adik. Miss you lots.


  1. Lioness : I saw!! Hhahahaha, i guess they were so absorbed with Eugene’s stag night that your birthday somehow slipped their minds.. tsk tsk..

  2. my dad side melaka tau !!!! – Lioness. ps: did u see the guys forgot my bday then terkelam kabut do posting. read my comment back ! heh !

  3. adik : selamat membaca!!!! or in papa’s words “study study study!!”Zee : i’ve beeb tagged!!! lol!! will pick it up ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. harlo harlo. yea mama told me that yall going back to melaka this weekend. and yes dear sister, it was SPM year that year. and nop, we didn’t play bunga api. i’m sure ada lagi changes kat that thouse, maybe dah ada tiles ker kat jln tuh.hahaha selalu balik sure ada benda yg lain kat rumah mak uncle talib. love that house! yea, i’m still coping here. got lots of stuff to read. huhuhu.

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