Think happy thoughts

I’ve been so depressed these two days that I hardly notice the time of day. I don’t think my husband notices anything because he just carries on as normal. Which is fine really, I usually like to be under my rain cloud alone (except if my best friends are around then that’s a different story).

Anyway, in efforts of trying to push myself back into the sunshine, I’ve been trying to constantly think happy thoughts and keep myself occupied. So moving on, let’s talk about something that makes me smile 😀

My niece and nephews!! Hahahahahh!!

OK technically, they’re the husband’s niece and nephews but by marriage that makes them mine too right?

Here, check out my favourite picture the four of them.

Aren’t they the cutest??

They call me Aunty Liyana, except the one dressed in white and blue pyjamas, he just calls me Nana, hehehe.

I adore them to bits and pieces. Whenever they’re around, it’s like fun time 24/7! Hhahahahha, memang riuh sekampung! They’re bright, and cheeky and naughty and all the things that kids should be and they’re definitely one one of the highest in my list of happy thoughts. Kalau dengar cerita pasal diorang, memang boleh pecah perut ketawa.

Sometimes, it amazes you how kids think. I mean, their rational on things.

Here’s one conversation between the kindergarten teacher and one of the little tykes called Chen (short for Hussein, he’s the one in white and blue).

Chen : Nak kawen dengan teacher Lee lah
Teacher : Eh, tak boleehh.. teacher dah tua..
Chen : Dah tua matilah

LOL!!! Memang la Cikgu dia terdiam kejap. Balik tu sure dia gieh kira kedut kat muka dia, hahahahah

His brother (the one in white and orange) also had a funny incident that had me amazed.

Every night before he goes to sleep, his dad would make him say a little prayer. One day he asked what the prayer is for. So his dad explained that by reciting the prayer, it would create like a shield and protect him.

The next few seconds, he was knocking his head and body with his fist.

“I can’t feel it, is it like Ironman?”

Hahahahah, he thought you’d turn Transformers or become a superhero or something like that. Haihhh.. memang kelakar!

Anyway, they’re the best when it comes to humorous entertainment and as you can see, my husband adores them just as much :)In that picture, I think they were trying to wrestle him down to the ground, without much success, hehehe..

Maybe some day I’ll be able to fill in the gap in that picture on top ey? Hheheheh…


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