Taking a break

Dear Doodlers,

My entire household (almost) is down with food poisoning. Eight out of eleven people to be exact, myself included. The only ones who seems to have escaped this is my mom and father in law, and the maid.

If you’ve never experienced the sounds of people puking simultaneously, by all means, feel free to drop by, although I must warn you it’s not a pretty picture (nor sound, even if it is surround-sound).

I will stop now before I disgust you any further. Will continue when I can look at the computer screen without any feelings of nausea.

Till then, take care peeps.

Lots of love,


  1. dayang : thank youu!!mrs amie : dah bayeekk, mekaceh! πŸ˜€roy : thanks roy πŸ™‚ loads better now!snt : unfortunately.. susah nak take lotsa liquid.. puasa!! ahhahaahahalankapo : memula, that’s what I thought too. sekali bila balik umah, semuorang pun dok uweekkk.. hahahahah, confirm la bukanmun : we have absolutely NO IDEA! thanks babe πŸ˜€

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