Nowadays, every time I bump into friends or relatives, I’d be asked the inevitable question that begins with the tell-it-all “SooOOooOoo…”

Which will usually follow with one of the following
“Dah ada apa-apa ke?”
“Are you baking anything yet?”
“Dah ada isi?”
“Bila lagi?”
“Are the juniors coming yet?”
“We all dah ada cucu, you bila nak bagi parents you cucu?”

And the all time favourite…
“wei kau dah pregnant belom??”

Hhahahahhaha… serious kelakar. It’s becoming like a compulsory question when people see me.

I was reading a post by my friend the other day, and I feel like I could totally relate to whatever she was rambling about.

Although I don’t go all the way as to drink Anmum or such things, I do try my best to eat well but so far, the fasting month has taken it’s toll on me. Everyone keeps telling me that I have to put on more weight if I want to conceive but I’ve been struggling with my weight since forever! It’s not that I don’t eat, most of my friends would testify that I eat like a horse, but I just can’t seem to put It took me the whole of last year to put on a decent three and a half kilos and after 10 days of fasting, I’ve lost all that 3 kilos.


So I guess come raya, I have to start my efforts all over again which is fine by me ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve got to work for what we want, right?

People, I’m as eager (in fact, even more) as all of you in having my own offspring, but till the Big Guy Up There decides that it’s time he gives me that wonderful gift from heaven, all I can do is put in my best efforts.. and wait ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. shila : takde la sampai jadi raksaksa gorgooonnn.. hahahhahahlankapo : heheh..thanksdillot : apa orang kate tuh.. ehm.. jodoh di tangan Tuhan ๐Ÿ˜€ pakai jek la ayat tuanon : donch worry.. i’m just going with the flow.. heheeh.. no unnecessary pressure ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Seriously i cant understnd why that is the first question people ask it is as if everyone is supposed to follow societies script. Dont worry Raje just enjoy your self enjoy being married and enjoy each others company !!!

  3. hehe..doa2 lah yerk..moga cepat di makbulkan.Ingat usaha tangga kejayaan ๐Ÿ™‚I bernasib baik cepat, tapi kesian yang dah 2 3 tahun tak dapat lagi.Fasa 1 – BujangSoklan fevret – Bila nak kawin ?Fasa 2 – Dah KawinSoklan – Bila nak dapat baby?Fasa 3 – Dah ada baby sorangSoklan lagi – Bila nak tambah lagi hehe

  4. i rasa if you pregnant kan, you will only be in a normal size, instead of me becoming mak raksaksa tgh imagine 170cm me with buldging tummy and excessive fat all over me. uhhhh, dahsat. +P

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