Earth, Water, Fire, Wind

No guys, this is not a post about Captain Planet, although it would be fun one day to write something about him. *Captain Planet, he’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero..lalalalala..*

*Macho sunggoh Kepten Plenet ini*

Back to the main story. After my wedding, the husband and I went round to houses of relatives, my husband to formally introduce his new bride, and I, vice versa.

A funny conversation happened at the house of one of my great-grandmother. Ok, she’s not exactly MY great-grandmother but our families are so close that we’re almost like one whole family. If it’s too complicated, just ignore this little detail and take it as my great-grandma.

Anyway, my great-grandma (she just turned 100 years old a few weeks back), was cheekily trying to create conversation with my husband.

Great-grandma : “Keje ape ni..?”

The husband : “umm…majistret..”

“OoooOOo… majistreettt…. Keje besooor…. Orang kechiiikkk…”

*to which everyone else erupted into laughter*

Ten minutes later, she asked him again, and he answered again, and she gave the same remark again. Absolutely hilarious!

Then, she continued on.

Great-grandma : “Anak nombor brape?”

The husband : “Nombor tiga”


“Errr… ha ah…”

“hoh.. tak bagus ni.. API! *RrroOowwWrrr* (then she made clawwy gestures in the air while making the ‘rowr’ sound!!)

I swear I almost fell off my chair laughing!!!

She did the whole rowr thing a couple of times more while pointing to my husband (“api nih, tak bagus, rowwwrr”)

After which she asked me the same question and when I said I was the eldest she said “ohh.. bagus.. sejukk.. tanah.. bagus bagus”

One of my grandaunts told us to rubbish off her comments saying that it’s just superstition and poppycock, and even if it is true, the two of us made a fine couple as our signs complimented each other.

“Takpelah, satu tanah, satu api, tanah boleh sejukkan api.”

Today, while doing work, the whole conversation suddenly popped into my head (don’t know why) and I got curious to find out more about what my great-grandma meant when she was going on about the whole api tanah thing.

I did a little search and found a blog that posted up something on the topic.

I’ll paste it here for your reading pleasure, and see if any of you can relate to it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Aku penah terbaca, dan aku rasa orang lain pun penah terbaca jugak kot, tentang bagaimana menentukan ‘keserasian’ atau ngam tak ngam dengan individu lain, berdasarkan 4 unsur yang ada dalam diri :- Tanah, Air, Api dan Angin.

Nak menentukan unsur ni mudah; cuma dari kedudukan dalam keluarga sedarah daging, anak sulung semestinya tanah, kedua, air, ketiga berunsur api dan keempat berunsur angin. Anak ke-5 akan mengulang balik unsur tanah, keenam air dan seterusnya. tetapi susunan perlulah dalam ‘adik beradik sedarah daging’, maknanya kalau ada adik-beradik tiri, contoh; kedudukan korang tetap sulung walaupun dari keseluruhan adik beradik, korang adalah anak ketiga. Jadi, anda adalah tanah. Begitu juga, adik beradik yang sudah meninggal juga perlu diambil kira.

Tanah – ada lembut, ada keras, boleh padam api, tetapi kalau selalu sangat, ia pun jadi ‘panas’ jugak, ada sifat pemimpin dan berbudi pada orang lain.
Air – sejuk, boleh menenangkan, kene berjaga2 dengan angin, kalau tiupan angin lembut, jadilah ombak yang tenang, kalau sebaliknya, boleh jadi ribut kencang.
Api – panas, tidak boleh disatukan dengan api atau angin (jadi lebih besar), boleh accept orang bersifat tanah, paling ‘tunduk’ dengan sang Air.
Angin – hmm..tau2 aje lah..memang angin!…ada mood ok, elok lah dia..time mood dia down…jangan diusik!..tapi si Angin ni bersifat manja, pandai membelai..chewah..

Keserasian Unsur

Tanah dengan Tanah – ok
Tanah dengan Air – boleh bersatu seperti air sungai
Tanah dengan Api – boleh bersatu, tetapi tanah kene banyak sabar
Tanah dengan Angin – tak berapa boleh, sebab angin boleh jadikan tanah ‘pemedih mata’
Air dengan Air – memang ngam
Air dengan Api – boleh bertolak ansur
Air dengan Angin – smooth ok, kuat bahaya (apa tu?)
Api dengan Api – fire,fire,fire
Api dengan Angin – fire, fire, fire kababommmm
Angin dengan Angin – sorang ke timur, sorang ke barat..kene ada ‘pemantau’ atau pendorong

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Remeber guys, I posted this up just as a fun read. You don’t have to take it too seriously or anything. If you’re ‘api’ and your boyfriend is also ‘api’, takyah la tetiba nak mintak break-up pulak!

“Yang, I nak break ngan you”


“Sebab you api. I api. Kita tak serasi.”

Ada jugak yang start nyanyi lagu Ajai ngan Nurul karang.



  1. mrs-bride : so that means you’re all set with good combination? 😀 no harm in trying to see if there’s chemistry la kan? hahahhaha

  2. ai-ling : thanks! you’re always welcome to scribble down more thoughts! 😀dayang : ha ah kan, api ke air ke tanah ke ape ke.. yang penting is to always have have give and take 😀

  3. hahahaa..same goes to me as well.. reminds me wht my aunty said bout this freakin-advise last time..after all, she found us as air-tanah..haha..!!& i still remember juz how frowny my husband look like..aiy00..!!but the real thing is not simply as air, api, angin, could be more than that, depends on how we dealt wif them.. hehe! =P

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