Anwar look-a-like!!

Ok you know how Saddam Hussein had a group of body guards who all looked like him in order to confuse enemies??

Well check this out! Anwar Ibrahim has his very own look-a-like as part of his entourage!! Hhahahahah!!

I just find this highly amusing *grin* Don’t you think that dude behind Anwar Ibrahim looks like him?


  1. then i must say you are hypersensitive.the circle is to let readers know which person in the picture i am talking about. ramai orang kan dalam gambar tu.besides, what’s wrong with looking like anwar ibrahim? i know A LOT of people who would be highly flattered and honoured kalau orang kata they look like anwar ibrahim. sama macam kalau orang kata, “hek eh, muka awak macam ziana zain la!” or orang kata “hey dude, did anyone ever tell you that you look like tom cruise?”. In answer to your question, if anyone circled my picture and said that I looked like somone as famous as DSAI, i’d leave a comment of thanks.will you call that person rude? my dear reader, i can vouch that it is not.i just said that your uncle (i am assuming) looks like DSAI. While i am no big fan of DSAI, i know that he is someone well respected by half of this please, by all means, tell Dr Zulkifli that. tell him i said he looks like Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Show him this blog if you’d like, really, i have no qualms about it because in actual fact, in this post, I gave your relative a compliment.God knows why you find it so offensive. Unless of course, you DON’T LIKE DSAI. Is that why?now if you have more intentions to post further comments such as the above ones, i suggest you go pour your energy into the politically inclined blogs such as raja petra’s or something because my blog is meant to be FUN. You, you’re no fun.Go away. Shoo.

  2. melainkan the “dude” is ur father or brother or husband ..then u will not put the ” dont you think that dude behind Anwar Ibrahim looks like him?” ha ha ha..will u dare to put the same thing if they are your own relative? sbb tu la kene respect org lain, diaorg pon ade saudara2 diaorg yg sensitive..anyway, sy relative Dr. Zulkifli, do u think kami diam je bile ade org ckp bende2 mcm tu kat dia??..if the “dude” is your relative , i believe u will take the same action..bukan masalah ” tak suka , jgn baca”..but kadang perkara2 mcm ni menyentuh sensitiviti saudara2 Dr Zul. jgn la sampai wat bahan lawak lak, hormat la sket org lain ..jika kamu terjumpa muka kamu, org wat circle mcm tu then put some text like u buat..what will u do?ha ha ha ha ?? lu pk la sendiri..

  3. First of all, this post is in no angle whatsoever meant to be rude. It is humourous. Funny. Ha ha. 2nd of all, check your grammar. The correct way to say that would be “you don’t even know the “dude” that you ARE TALKING ABOUT”. Not “that u r saying” as you have boldly typed out.I have not been rude. I will not apologize. Stop being such a prude. Orang kata, kalau tak suka, jangan baca.

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