I’m starting to feel a bit desperate here. Little Miss Chatterbox me with no voice is not exactly an easy thing to bear.

For one part, my mother keeps on forgetting that I am missing the ability to use my vocal chords. Every now and then she’d be yelling a question from one corner of the house, and then I’d hear an expecting silence (her waiting for me to answer). Of course all she get’s back is silence so she’ll continue calling my name. Haiyoooo… then when i go up to her and whisper a reminder, she’ll go “ooohhh, mama lupa”

*smack head*

Anyway, I’ve tried drinking glasses of air asam jawa but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. How now how now…

Tomorrow’s the husband’s cousin’s wedding. Although I’m all excited to be there and helping out and all that, I’m trying to think… how in the world do I communicate above all the noise?

Huge challenge that would be.

Any of you out there happen to have a remedy that can help me get my voice back? Please help!!


  1. falcon : thanks, am getting better now 🙂missy f : air kembang semangkuk? uuu… must make mental note of that one in case i lose my voice again next time. thanks babe!!

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